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  -  Architecture   -  Presentation of the Trend Book 2016/2017 by ALVIC at the Business Center of Feria Valencia

Prominent industry figures such as the CEO of Alvic Group, Javier Rosales; the Commercial Director of the company, Manuel Pizarro; the President of Maderalia, Francisco Perelló and the prestigious designer Carmen Barasona presented the event

Carmen Barasona stresses that Alvic’s DNA is innovation

Alvic Group,a firm dedicated to the production of panels and components for application in furniture and decoration,presented its Trend Book 2016/2017 as part of the celebration of FIMMA-Maderalia, the 37th International Machinery and Tools Fair for wood, furniture, carpentry and decoration and Suppliers of the wood-furniture sector, of which the company was a sponsor.

Renowned decorator Carmen Barasona was in charge of presenting Alvic’s Trend Book 2016/2017 during a large event organized to celebrate her first 50 years of career.

Barasona stressed, in the presentation of the Trend Book 2016/2017 by Alvic, that“innovation is the DNA of Alvic Group”. It constantly applies innovation in its products, it is reflected in the textures and reliefs, as well as in the high quality of them that reaffirm extreme performance. Alvic brings to its products the Mediterranean lifestyle, which inspires harmony, warmth, softness and the colors of the nature of its coasts”.

The company has launched new finishes of the models Luxe by Alvic,high gloss effect, of high decorative level and marked by its sophistication; Syncron,with natural effect, of which he has created the ANNIVERSARY range or its novel product SYNCRON TO REGISTER,an exact reproduction of wood, rust or marble, among other materials; And Zenit, with supermatte effect and velvety touch.

This catalogue includes “the latest trend of colors, designs and fantasies with high gloss, matte, metallic and a richness of textures that let the imagination and creativity fly”. And as great news for the new season has highlighted, among many others, the metal collection Metallo,which “presents a high value at a technical level coupled with its avant-garde design and its gloss finish, in four colors: silver, rusted iron, bronze and titanium”; and the wood finish ART OAK 04, “a piece with a very careful design that contrasts the wood of century-old oak barrels with the Luxe finish,which is pure glitter.”

The event celebrating its 50th Anniversary, which took place at the Business Center of Feria Valencia, also featured the CEO of Alvic Group, Javier Rosales; the company’s Commercial Director, Manuel Pizarro; and the President of Maderalia, Francisco Perelló.

Alvic Group took advantage of this event to present its new corporate video “Feel the innovation”, which takes a tour of the half centenary of Alvic’s history, marked by its familiar character and always under a maximum of development and eagerness for constant improvement, resulting in the group being a leader in its sector inside and outside Spain.

As the official sponsor of FIMMA-Maderalia, Alvic Group has also been present at the fair, as in previous years, with a stand made entirely with its own products.