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  -  Architecture   -  PUBLIC AWARD House Decor 2017 with wooden floor restored by BONA

Bona restores the wooden floor of more than 110 years from the space of Asún Antó in Casa Decor Madrid

The space got the public to fall to its warm homage to the book and the good habit of reading, giving the PUBLIC AWARD TO THE MOST VOTED SPACE.

Bona is chosen to restore the wooden floor of THE READER’S LIVING ROOM,the space designed by Asún Antó at Casa Decor Madrid 2017 and,a space to share reading, a custom that is being lost, in which the interior designer I was looking for warmth and nature.

In THE LIVING ROOM OF THE READER,of 30m2, two rooms were distributed within the same space, with the luxury of a wooden floor that brings the elegance, naturalness and warmth that only Bona knows how to achieve. The Swedish firm was chosen for its long history and quality when it comes to restoring wooden floors with the ability to obtain floors with a unique durability while maintaining the beauty of natural wood.

For this occasion, Bona restored the wooden floor with a Bona Nordic Tone background and a finish with Bona Traffic Natural.

B Nordic Tone is a treatment that when applied to the wood gives it a white hue, turning the wood into a material with Scandinavian aesthetics.

Bona Nordic Tone features

• Sure, white wash effect
• Inhibits the yellowing of the wood
• Whiteness can be controlled with the number of applications (usually with one application is sufficient)
• Water-based, not dangerous
• No smell

Using Bona Nordic Tone was a success, being the ideal option to get a wooden floor with a spectacular tone. The mixture of this wooden floor with the structural elements of the space such as the iron columns and the perfectly worked walls provide a unique freshness and warmth.

To complete the treatment of THE READER’S LIVING ROOM,the firm applied on Bona Traffic Natural,a superior protection varnish suitable for public areas where a high level of resistance is required due to its heavy traffic and an aspect and totally natural wood feel. Bona Traffic Natural is based on the exclusive Traffic formula, which guarantees long-term durability and reliable results.

Bona Features Traffic Natural

• Preserves the look and feel of pure wood
• Superior protection for commercial and public areas.
• Simple and secure application
• Rated EC1R for its very low emissions and air pollution of enclosed spaces
• Approved by GreenGuard for its reduced emissions in indoor spaces.
• No yellowing

In addition, Bonahas Certified Professionals from all over the world, responsible for transforming wooden floors into authentic works of art.

A Certified Bona professional has all the products and machinery necessary to treat, maintain or restore wooden floors in hotels and is trained to advise and provide the best existing solutions.

The spectacular result of the wooden floor of THE READER ROOM is the faithful reflection of Bona’sphilosophy, able to get the best out of the wooden floors increasing its durability and providing an undisputed beauty.