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High quality and beauty

Currently, luminaires have become one of the main decorative elements. The decorative hanging lamps are ideal for defining any room. This time, Pujol Lighting offers us Basic C142,a hanging luminaire that will be the point of high quality and good taste in any project.

Basic is a luminaire with a simple look, but made with the quality and good design that Pujol Lighting puts in all its collections.

Basic C142 has been born to succeed, it is a decorative piece that for its impeccable design and high quality fits with the most varied environments. Basic C 142 by Pujol Lighting has a very balanced design: A screen made of fabric, available in 2 diameters: 500 and 800mm and with a height of 200 mm.

Basic C142 by Pujol Lighting comes in two colors: the interior of the luminaire in a soft red color that contrasts with the black of the outside, and another model where the exterior is dark brown and the interior an elegant gold. And also for those looking for unique products, Pujol Lighting offers the possibility to customize your own Basicluminaire. The Basic C142 pendant lamp can be made on the fabric the customer wants. Because of this wide range of possibilities and such a contemporary design, Basic C142 will be very successful among both professionals and consumers.

The lighting type is LED 24W 3000 K.




Manufacturer:Pujol Lighting

Designer: Own Team

Model:Basic C142

Application Type: Pendant

Versions:USA UK J

Display diameter: 500 mm or 800 mm


Diffuser: Fabric

Screen Finishes:

Black/Red – Brown/Gold

Lamp Type:LED 24W 3000 K

RPV: C-142/50: 337.48

C-142/80: 403.43 o (separate VAT)


About Pujol Lighting

Pujol Lighting has more than 30 years of experience in the manufacture of decorative luminaires of contemporary design. Founded in 1978 it has managed to be one of the reference companies in the lighting sector for the design and quality of its products, the excellent relationship with its customers and its clear international vocation. In addition, the manufacturer integrates a department of Special Projects where they design and produce exclusive collections, both for short series and for large runs.