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  -  Architecture   -  RAMON Soler ULTRASLIM stainless steel sprinklers®

The bathroom is a space that must be composed of durable elements, so the materials we use are one of the most important factors of the project. Ramon Soler ® thinks about the demands of the market by manufacturing high quality parts, such as the ULTRASLIM 100 spray of polished stainless steel.

Any moment is ideal to dedicate it totally to our being, and that moment becomes an unbeatable moment when we do it with a nice shower.

With Ramon Soler®’s ULTRASLIM sprinkler, a state-of-the-art and absolutely innovative shower is offered, because in addition to being characterized by being a large format sprinkler XXL and having an extremely thin thickness (2mm) is made entirely of stainless steel.

Being a 100 stainless steel rocrating Ramon Soler® guarantees in ULTRASLIM the quality, durability and robustness that this material presents. Stainless steel has high resistance to most chemical agents, does not corrode easily and features a polished and sophisticated finish.

RAMON Soler’s ULTRASLIM ® accompanies the latest trends with an aesthetic of purist lines and an extremely fine thickness, which makes it an impeccable object. It comes in square and round format and also has several sizes, all of them of large dimensions: 250mm, 300 mm and 400 mm.

You can enjoy it whatever your bathroom, because it has the possibility to place it from the wall with an elbow or from the ceiling with a top exit, a benefit that you can not miss!


In addition, ULTRASLIM has two exclusive systems: Anti-calcareous system,to provide better spray performance, and Air System,which represents considerable savings in water consumption (30), while ensuring a more comfortable shower.

RAMON Soler’s ULTRASLIM ® has passed all the strict European control tests.

Because the quality is noticeable!


Formats and prices:

Ref. RK250 Ref. RM250

Square 250×250 mm: PVP 113.9 x Circular 250 mm diameter: PVP 129.4

Ref. RK400 Ref. RM400

Square 400×400 mm: PVP 405.9 s Circular 400 mm diameter: RPV 274.3

Ref. RK300 Ref. RM300

Square 300×300 mm: PVP 201.8 s Circular 300 mm diameter: PVP 170.8

Design: Own Team

Finishing: Chrome