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  -  Architecture   -  Ramon Soler’s new HOTEL Catalogue®

Ramon Soler® launches a hotel catalog designed exclusively for professionals, architects, interior designers and designers in which a careful selection of taps created with high performance for the hotel sector is presented.

The new catalogue of elegant and avant-garde aesthetics, invites you to take a visual tour of the different options that the taps firm offers when equipping a hotel bathroom.

Ramon Soler thinks of the professional and structure of the catalog in three fundamental parts that make the moment to choose the taps an easy task.

The first section of the catalogue makes an introduction that presents the high performance of the firm and a water saving study that describes the great benefits of Ramon Soler taps at the technological level, water and energy savings and quality of service.

A second section that presents the different types of taps offered by the firm in terms of installation, with a selection of ambient photographs that reflect the soul of the catalogue: a catalog designed for the hotelier, architect or designer to find the necessary inspiration when choosing the taps and also facilitate the search for the perfect taps for the project.

Finally, the catalogue has an exclusive selection of series that are distributed, depending on its features, within three great hotel typologies: Hotel Premium, Hotel con Encanto and Hotel Medium.

This new catalogue is a synthesis of the work done and the constant effort of all the departments of Ramon Soler®. With a much more visual approach the firm intends to reach the professional in a more transparent and direct way.

The three main sections have been structured in the following segments:

  • Exclusive hotel taps
  • Around the world
  • Pioneers in manufacturing
  • Why choose Ramon Soler?
  • Manufacturing process
  • Iconography
  • Water Saving Study
  • Special features taps for hotels
  • Selections:
  • Hotel PREMIUM
  • Hotel WITH LOVE
  • MEDIUM Hotel

The new Catalog Hotel of Ramon Soler has wanted to approach the needs of the professional and offer useful and practical information. Thus, it pays special attention to the search for the desired reference thanks to its orderly structure and divisions. An indispensable and very effective tool for professionals in the sector and for the customer.

Also throughout this year 2016 Ramon Soler®will continue to contribute new collections and improvements in its products and services. We have in our hands a Hotel Catalogue that combines functionality, design and innovation.

To download the catalog click on the following link:

About Ramon Soler®

Ramon Soler is one of the main suppliers of the hotel industry, which for more than 25 years has been surpassing its products for its specific requirements, both in water saving, safety, health and full comfort for people . A good taps for HOTEL has to present not only a refined and design aesthetic, but also needs to gather a set of technical characteristics that make the whole set an ideal piece for projects in the hotel sector.

Ramon Soler taps specially designed for HOTELS are carefully created with a lot of advantages, which will benefit both the guest and the owner of the HOTEL.