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  -  Bathroom   -  Faucet Soltronic 8102 by Ramon Soler® Safety and hygiene
The key taps to help combat the health emergency by Covid19


In these moments where the health emergency is a global concern, Ramon Soler® offers us Soltronic 8102, the most hygienic, safe and responsible faucet to combat the pandemic that is currently shaking humanity.


An electronic, countertop mixer, ideal for both public spaces and public sanitary spaces, as it combines quality, safety, hygiene, water saving, design and innovation.


The fight against the Covid-19 is everyone’s business, and one of the great recommendations is to wash our hands more frequently than usual and have strict hygiene. For this, electronic taps become perfect allies since they are activated by an infrared sensor without the need to touch the taps. In addition, it incorporates an anti-legionella system with automatic discharge every 24 hours.



Savingwater is one of the most important issues and especially in difficult times, such as the current situation. For this reason, Soltronic 8102 becomes the key faucet, since with it you make sure to use only the water you need. Electronic taps automatically close after use. This guarantees significant water savings, reaching up to 70% savings compared to other conventional systems.


In addition, Soltronic 8102 by Ramon Soler®features an electronically set flow time when activated, and includes a safety time limit: if the sensor is covered for more than 90 seconds, the water outlet closes automatically, preventing any risk of uncontrolled consumption.



Safety is one of the great advantages that Soltronic 8102offers, paying special attention to comfort, thanks to barrier-free activation. Soltronic 8102 offers the possibility of pre-mixing the pre-water and can be adjusted to a maximum of up to 50ºC. In this way, it allows the safe and effortless use of young children, the elderly and people with disabilities. Furthermore, they are also prepared so that their sanitary function is extremely effective and robust, vandal-proof.



This tap also incorporates DUAL POWER, a breakthrough that offers the possibility to choose your power source. Being able to choose between: energy through 6V batteries (4xAA 1.5V alkaline batteries), in the case of not having access to the electric current, or by 230V (50Hz) electrical connection.



Another of its great advantages is the easy installation of Soltronic 8102, since despite being a faucet that includes the most advanced technology, it is installed like any other faucet and only needs four conventional 1.5V batteries.



Finally highlight its excellent value for money, being a product that is supplied with battery and transformer, at the most competitive price. For Ramon Soler® quality has always been one of his greatest concerns, as well as offering what the customer needs at the time they need it.


Manufacturer: Industrias Ramon Soler
Model: Soltronic Ref.8102 8102

Design: Own team

Technical Characteristics:

  • Electronic tap with integrated infrared proximity sensor.
  • Dual supply: Power through 6V batteries (4xAA 1.5V alkaline batteries) or by 230V (50Hz)electrical connection (Batteries not included).
  • Chrome plated: 15 microns thick nickel, 0.3 microns thick.
  • Use pressure between 1-5 bar, recommended 3 bar.
  • Anti-legionella system (download every 24h)
  • Distance sensor: 20 cm (up to sensor)
  • Maximum temperature: 50oC.
  • Acoustics: Class I according to EN 15091 standard.
  • Permanent reflection time for disconnection: 90 s.
  • Opening hold time after removing hands: 1.5 s.
  • 2 year guarantee.