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  -  Construction   -  Tips for taking care of hardwood floors with Bona

The good care of a wooden floor will keep you forever young

Just as the skin needs a beauty ritual to stay young, wooden floors need it too.

With proper cleaning, maintenance and care, the wooden floor, which is a living material, will last generations with an impeccable appearance.

A wooden floor is like a person’s skin, a surface that is exposed to many external agents and that needs to be taken care of regularly. “With proper care, the soil will remain as new for longer”

Wood is a floor covering that works perfectly almost anywhere in the house, but it is important that the correct care is done from the beginning.

For the living room, the bedroom and even the kitchen, the wooden floor is a star solution. A wooden floor is practical and provides well-being, apart from providing any environment with a warm and comfortable aesthetic.

For rooms such as living rooms and bedrooms, light tones are ideal, while for kitchens or other environments with more activity it should be noted that lighter tones and softer varieties of wood are more sensitive , so marks and stains will be more visible.

When installing a wooden floor we must not only take into account the aesthetics of it, but also the climate to which it will be exposed, a point that can be crucial when determining which type of wood will be the most appropriate.

“You could say that proper care of a floor can rejuvenate you.” BONA has a complete wood flooring maintenance system for your home, where neither bucket nor water is needed and if you ensure that the floor maintains its beauty for a long time.

Bona, experts with almost 100 years of experience, gives us his basic tips on how to take good care of a wooden floor, highlighting its beauty and guaranteeing its durability for generations:

  1. Remove dust and regularly sweep dirt that scratches the surface of the ground.
  2. Clean with a mop and a cleaning product specially designed for wooden floors.
  3. Maintain machinery and products developed for wooden floors, to prolong the life of the floor and renew its appearance keeping it as new.

The Swedish company Bona,experts in wood since 1919, is a world leader in products of cleaning, renovation and maintenance of wooden floors, which is why he knows exactly how to get the best out of a floor.

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