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  -  Decoration   -  Masai by Pujol Lighting: light sculpture

For enviable exteriors Pujol Lighting presents MASAI: an almost sculptural luminaire that offers a beam of light that completes any space with an enviable presence.

MASAI is a floor lamp made of white polyethylene by rotomolding, a finish that gives it a contemporary aesthetic, making it ideal for projects in which the difference is sought. In addition, with a height of 180 cm and a slender figure formed by clean lines, MASAI joins the latest trends in design.

The MASAI lamp is available for both indoor and outdoor spaces: both its aesthetics and its technical characteristics make it ideal for all types of projects.

Both the Indoor and Outdoor versions are presented, either with low power system or with RGB LED system.

For the Interior the MASAIlamp incorporates 2X T5 80W with intensity regulator on top and the exterior version IP65 has a multi-power reactance to adapt 2X T5 49w or 80W without regular.

The MASAI version with RGB system it incorporates a remote control with on and off function, with which you can choose between the 11 lighting programs: 7 fixed colors, and another 4 to change the color automatically, so that the user can manage the speed and the m to change color, by jumps or gradual change. With MASAI it is possible to change the environment with a single click!

It is an ideal time to illuminate our exteriors and enjoy them. Pujol Lighting thinks of both the design and functionality of its parts, and for the exterior version of MASAI takes care of the safety of people by offering the possibility of supplying to screw/anchor to the ground or with a solid base to prevent falls.

With MASAI, Pujol Illumination puts at our fingertips the floor lamp that will light the most avant-garde spaces: inside and outside.

Model: Masai

Fabricante: Pujol Iluminación

Designer: Hector Alonso

Price: T5 (indoor/outdoor) 598s PVP

RGB (indoor/outdoor) 996s RP