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  -  Bedroom   -  Rest in summer with KHAMA.ES

KHAMA.ES is born for us to live a summer full of positive energy. The firm manufactures mattresses that allow us to choose between 5 levels of firmness and that also incorporate two sides: one for summer and one for winter. By simply turning the mattress we will have a face adapted with a fabric exclusive for summer temperatures, leaving behind another face with a special fabric for winter.

KHAMA.ES is a firm that offers healthy rest solutions for sale online,which also allows you to test the mattress for 100 days,ideal to decide if it is the perfect mattress.

The days are longer and the heat settles into our routine. To face the new season with all the necessary energy rest is essential, and depending on the time of year we need some conditions or others to achieve an ideal dream.

With the arrival of warmer nights we need freshness and comfort, but each person has their own needs, and KHAMA.ES has designed their mattresses with fabrics that enhance the feeling of freshness, increasing ventilation and thus avoiding sweating of the body.

For the hottest: 3D fabric perfectly regulates air and humidity, thanks to which you will get the greatest feeling of freshness possible. Its use is ideal in very humid environments, coastal areas or for hot people who need to sleep with ventilation. This fabric consists of a double top and bottom layer, connected through millions of fibers that promote better ventilation, comfort and hygiene.

Intermediate Freshness: when you are looking for an intermediate sensation we use the fabric known as ®FERAN ICE. This material offers the feeling of just freshness thanks to a soft hydrophilic layer that absorbs the existing moisture of the fabric, increasing the evaporation capacity and refreshing the body in a balanced way.

For the coolers: If you are one of those who in summer need to cover with a sheet the best fabric for your mattress is linen, as it combines a feeling of freshness and optimal hygiene for indoor or low wet areas. Sleeping on flax produces greater well-being, deeper sleep and healthy rest.

KHAMA.ES is characterized by offering the possibility to choose between 5 levels of firmness for our mattress KHAMA.ES, because identifying the level of firmness we need is essential for our physical and mental health and well-being.

– For people who move a lot at night or when you have a high weight it is advisable to a higher firmness. In this case ES uses a core composed of state-of-the-art foams with density greater than 25kg m3. So when we lie on the mattress it adapts to the body perfectly, eliminating the pressures and obtaining a more comfortable, comforting and healthy rest.

– Intermediate firmness levels offer the perfect combination of freedom of movement and adaptability. To achieve this, we will choose a core of springs and micro-packed springs. This technology behaves in an extraordinary way, as it maintains the independence of beds facilitating the movements of a person without harming those of his partner. It also has perimeter reinforcements, which result in the perfect combination between firmness and softness.

– People who tend to sleep on their side or have a lighter weight need latex mattresses that offer a soft firmness and allow an excellent adaptation of the mattress to the body while strengthening the lumbar area.

Warm summer nights will now become a source of relaxation and well-being thanks to KHAMA.ES. A perfect mattress for the perfect rest you deserve so much.