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  -  Design   -  ZORA by Senttix
Handmade, natural and exclusive

The Good Sleep

A suitable mattress ensures that every part of our body finds the comfort necessary to achieve total rest. However, it is necessary to know the importance of quality sleep, an essential aspect for our health. Good sleep is a concept of comprehensive rest, which intervenes in many everyday situations such as: improvement of labor productivity, reduction of traffic accidents, improvement of school performance, creativity, memory, energy, physical appearance, reduction of the risk of diseases such as diabetes, obesity, stroke, Alzheimer’s, stress, etc.

GEA, the collection where the beautiful, the natural and the useful come together. Products for consumers who, outside of fashion, remain faithful to timeless and natural materials such as wool, cotton, linen, jute, natural latex… In the GEA series you will find products without one gram of polyurethane foam, without TDI, without polyols, without volatile chemicals. The GEA range is made entirely of healthy materials for people and for the environment. Safe materials, Oeko-Tex certified® Standard 100.

Within the GEASenttix collection, ZORApresents a handcrafted, natural and exclusive mattress. It is born as a result of the selection of the best natural materials. Made with the experience given by the artisan hands that ensures the essence of the purest, most delicate and sustainable rest.


















Photo: ZORA mattress from Senttix’s GEA collection

With the clear objective of providing us with a Good Sleep ZORAis born, a mattress that brings unique qualities with each of its elements:

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1.Micromuelles packed with cotton fabric. Unique in Senttix. Model 100 free of synthetic foams and artificial fibers.

2. Natural 100 origin latex, naturally soft firmness and great adaptability.

3. Horse Crin They function as tiny springs that give great flexibility. Each strand of mane is hollow inside, making it perfect for ventilation, moisture control and temperature inside the mattress.

4. Just on top of the mattress the exceptional fabric of wool, viscose and cotton. Organic, sustainable and biodegradable. Hand-stitched, tasseled to tassel.

ZORA by Senttixis a characteristic mattress for offering the essence of the purest, most delicate and sustainable rest.