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  -  Indoor Projects   -  New 5.1 electrical mechanisms from Font Barcelona, stamped stainless steel finish

Font Barcelona presents in its 5.1 collection the plate finish Printed stainless steel. A black base stamped with textures in silver tone, with chrome frame is the firm reflection of the geometric trend that reigns in the most current design. Thus we are faced with an exclusive design, avant-garde and at the same time totally timeless.

The Font Barcelona 5.1 collection consists of a series of plates, frames, handles, washers, pushbuttons and regulators offered in a multitude of finishes that allow to customize each switch to the last detail and contribute to the interior project, undisputed elegance and exclusivity.

This printed plate with a geometric minimalism will fit perfectly with any hand in the 5.1 collection. It pairs nicely with semi-matte chrome and chrome finishes, or darker shades such as nickel or black nickel can be added for an elegant, minimalist look. For those who like to break the rules, you can choose a bright gold, which combined with the steel will give the switch a totally rich and flattering air. But the possibilities don’t end here: for a vintage or even industrial effect, we can even opt for an American skated brass hand.

Whatever combination is chosen, the 5.1 stamped stainless steel plate will give any environment a dose of trend, balance and proportion that will achieve a perfect balance. In addition, its pure lines and avant-garde finishes make it a unique and timeless piece that will never go out of style.

5.1 font Barcelona is a collection that presents the perfect electrical mechanisms, thanks to which it can be adapted to the most select interior design projects. In addition 5.1 it is installed in the universal boxes of the market and adapts perfectly to home automation systems.

CUSTOMIZATION.- The electrical mechanisms of Font Barcelona are fully customizable,a benefit that the brand offers and that enchants the most detailed and perfectionist customer. Font Barcelona allows you to choose every detail of the electrical mechanism, being able to select the finishes of its switches, outlets, and the rest of functions for your home or business.


CHOOSE EVERY DETAIL.- You can customize each electrical mechanism by choosing:

plate material and finish (steel, aluminum, brass, corian,…)

the finish of the hand

the finish of the marquito beautifier and washer.


Font Barcelona is a leader in the manufacture of decorative electrical material.

The 5.1 collection is born from specific needs of the interior architecture sector and specializes in the manufacture of custom design lighting products.

Font Barcelona manufactures luminaires and electrical mechanisms of minimalist design. Their products offer the highest quality standards using innovative materials.

Font Barcelona is an international reference brand that is present in more than 70 countries.

The 5.1 Font Barcelona Collection is designed by the Guimera i Cinca Studio and has been awarded the Design Award Red Dot 2013, Premio Palmars du Design et de l’Architecture 2013, Favourite Jury’s Project M&O Award 2014, and finalist in the 2012 and 2013 editions of the Delta Awards.