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  -  Lifestyle   -  ECUS launches a handy manual with proposals to ensure the safety and hygiene of resting equipment for the re-opening of hotels.

Desde el mismo momento en que los hoteles fueron cerrados como medida extrema para contener la pandemia, y una vez pasado el tremendo shock inicial que ha implicado la toma de decisiones urgentes, tanto para contener los famosos “opex”, como para asegurar la liquidez a corto y medio plazo, desde Ecuspensaron en la re-opening,in particular, in how new safety and hygiene would affect the relationship of guests with their products, which are those who are in bed, specifically, pillow, mattress and protectors.

The objective of this manual is to help them, adding new solutions, for better decision-making that makes it possible for us to get a safe rest for guests, hygienically and sanitaryly speaking, and at the moment, especially free of the virus that causes Covid-19.

After carrying out a detailed study of all the publications launched by the different institutions close to the hotel world and carrying out various surveys of clients, hotel managers, maintenance managers, consultants, certifiers, suppliers, a series of responses were obtained, which together with experience Accumulated as manufacturers of hotel rest products for more than 30 years, have allowed Ecusto create this manual, which we will expand on below.

The manual is divided into six different blocks:

1. MATTRESS HYGIENE. We can encounter three different situations involving three different solutions:

  • For fabrics with anti-Covid-19 treatments on the mattress and protector. There are already tissues on the market that contain effective treatments against the virus with a success rate of 99.99 and with only 20 minutes of contact. Not only does it act against Covid-19, it also against others like the flu and it can eliminate bacteria and block the odor. In addition, it has Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate.
  • For fabrics with anti-Covid-19 treatments in the waterproof protector. Similar to the above, the same treatment could be applied to the outer protectors of the mattress. Zippered, airtight, non-adjustable and breathable protectors are recommended. Protectors lose effectiveness when washed, so in the face of stains or deterioration they should be changed. This solution is valid only for those mattresses recently purchased and that are still in perfect condition for guests to enjoy with their usFabrics without covid-19 treatments, either on the mattress or on the protector. In this case disinfectant sprays on mattresses and protectors may be used whenever there is a change of host or clean the mattress after each change of guest with a high temperature dry steam cleaner.

2. PILLOW HYGIENE. As in the mattress, we will simply list the ones that would be possible solutions to assure guests of the absence of viruses on the pillows.

  • Fabrics with anti-Covid-19 treatments on the outer cover. Similar to the proposed solution for mattresses, the same treatment could be applied to the outer cover fabric of the pillows. Similarly, we couldn’t wash the covers but a small stock could solve the inconvenience.
  • Fabrics without anti-Covid-19 treatments on the outer cover. To continue to have the current pillows you can incorporate a new outer cover with treated fabric. And after each guest change clean the pillows clean the pillows with a dry steam machine or high temperature.
  • “Open your pillow” option. Include a new service for guests, such as the possibility of debuting the pillow, which will ensure, directly and without certifications or promises, the maximum hygiene and confidence, not only free of Covid, but also of the rest of microorganisms.
  • “Sell pillows” option. Offer a new service such as the possibility of brand new a large pillow that becomes your travel companion. Pillows designed to be refunded in the least volume possible. This way no additional waste is generated.

For all the options and proposals presented, even for the most disruptive or novel, Ecus has already developed the solutions and are ready to implement them.

3. HYGIENE AROUND THE BED. Just like on the mattress or pillow it is essential that the rest of the room is clean and protected from viruses.

Correct periodic ventilation, the use of purifiers, the disposal of brochures and physical material from the rooms and thorough cleaning of all types of controls are essential for this.

The most important thing will be to communicate to your customers the hygiene and safety measures taken to protect your stay. You must show the “Hygiene and Safety Decalogue on the resting equipment” both in the room itself and on the web.

4. HYGIENE IN DELIVERIES AND ASSEMBLY. Draw the goods before entering the room, if it could be at the same door. Dealers should follow all safety and hygiene guidelines such as hand washing and wearing gloves and mask before handling the product.

5.COMMUNICATION OF MEASURES ADOPTED. It is essential to let all staff know how important it is to communicate the measures taken against the virus abroad, both to guests and to other collaborators.

Similarly, it is just as important to keep customers informed of the measures taken.

6.STAY INFORMED. It is important to stay informed of how the pandemic evolves through official channels. Adapting to changes that may arise and always being alert will help us react quickly.


You can download the full manual at:

FromEcusyou are at your disposal to help you in any question or doubt that arises, as well as support you in decisions, and / or search for solutions. As you also know, Ecus is a highly digitized company that can offer you all the services described and help you tune up your establishment before reopening.

In addition,Ecushas adapted its production line to comply with strict hygiene and safety measures for employees, suppliers, carriers and all products leaving its premises.

By clicking at the end of the manual, you can see the video showing the new work guidelines.