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  -  Bedroom   -  MORGANA de Senttix
Can you imagine waking up every day younger? The Morgana mattress from Senttix guarantees an improvement in the firmness and elasticity of your skin as well as a noticeable reduction of visible signs of aging, thanks to the Hydra+ probiotic treatment included in its tissues.

Morgana de Senttix

possesses by three exclusive qualities, which make it unique: Hydra+, which provides beauty and protection in your skin with the probiotic app; De-Stress carbon thread, which protects you against electromagnetic pollution; Multispring® Soft Touch,which offers progressive comfort: Soft at the beginning, firm at the end.

MORGANA manages to convey the desired feeling of “buoyancy”; if we could suspend ourselves in a cloud and float, it would surely be like lying down in Morgana: the body relaxes, there is no feeling of pressure, as we move.

It has a cozy and fluffy surface where all the comfort is concentrated, so there is no need to perform the uncomfortable operation to flip it.


MORGANA stands out above all for having built-in Hydra+,it is an important innovation of Senttix. A widely accepted and widespread principle, which assures us a benefit on the skin, compensating for its PH and regulating its defense mechanisms, which results in the reduction of visible signs of aging. Hydra+ arises from the application to technology fabrics that already apply in the cosmetic and food world, and the result is the result of an innovation project armed by CDTI, and developed in collaboration with AITEX (Textile Technology Center) and Biópolis (Cosmetic Laboratory).

The most exquisite mattress in the Senttix collection is MORGANA,it is loaded with probiotics at the time of manufacture, by means of an intensive squat process and in optimal drying and control conditions. With this process, it is guaranteed that probiotics will remain on your mattress for a long time and that they will be able to migrate in large numbers to your skin.

However, because probiotics are dying and disappearing, mainly due to the sheet washing process, it is recommended to recharge with an annual basis, and with it to replenish the initial number of probiotics and the initial regeneration capacity, as newly purchased. For this purpose there is the exclusive Hydra+ sprayer from Senttix. So, over a year or so, we can recharge probiotics back to our mattress.

With the clear objective of providing us with a rejuvenating rest MORGANAis born, a mattress that brings unique qualities with each of its elements:

1. 2. 3. 4.

1. More than 6,500 springs spread over 5 layers, which reduce the pressure and also the movements needed to change posture.

2. Natural latex 100,elastic, soft firmness and great adaptability.

3. Lan Merina. The best natural insulator that is able to maintain constant body temperature and avoid thermal variations.

4. Hydra + Probiotic tissue that reduces the visible signs of aging by repairing skin collagen (more information in and D-Stress, carbon filaments that eliminate static electricity.


Thickness 35 cm

Core Packed docks

Fabric Hydra+ – Probiotic Treatment

Includes recharge indicator* Hydra+

100 Viscose – 273 Gr/m2

Comfort Lana Merina – 550 Gr/m2

Latex 50mm – 65 Kg/m3


*Hydra+ recharge spray sold separately.