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13 tons of powder paint for the new Warsaw symbol

The facades of the skyscrapers are exposed to extreme weather conditions, so the owners of the skyscraper “Zaota 44” gave a special priority to the quality and lasting stability of the exterior of this building of such striking design, which is It rises in a famous area of Warsaw city center.

When Daniel Libeskind projects a building, the result is spectacular: the Jewish Museum in Berlin or the New York Twin Towers Memorial are clear examples of this.

The “Zaota 44”, for the famous architect, is even more rewarding because he was able to design a symbolic building in his native Poland.

The curved lines of the 200-metre-high apartment building draw the observer’s attention in particular, and from them, the question of whether the classic tetragonal skyscrapers do not “sin” to be a little boring.

Photo: Orc. The facade of the “Zaota 44”, characterized by its design of dynamic lines, was covered with two colors of powder paint.

The visual impact of an impressive construction that will house 250 luxury homes, lies on its facade. The reinforced concrete structure served as a support for the dynamic shapes of the building that required a corresponding facade system, the individual elements of which, for many parts of the skyscraper, had to be manufactured using shapes and dimensions aspect involving Sapa, a Swedish manufacturer of individual building modules. The construction and design of the elements itself was assumed by the subsidiary of the Kyotec group in Warsaw. The Belgian company Blyweert, was in charge of coating with The products of DuPont Alesta® AP RAL 9010 Matt Smooth and NCS S0515-R80B Fine Textured. This project involved the manufacture of 13 tons of powder paint used in the 87,000m2 of facade.

Spectacular facade

Taking into account the prestige of the construction and the importance of the facade elements, some of which were individually fitted for some specific parts of the building, the stability of the painting and the pretreatment process was a absolute priority. The choice of a renowned powder paint manufacturer showed that no risk was taken when it came to the long-term stability of the facade.

DuPont’s Alesta® line is specially formulated for aluminum and galvanized steel and, in this case, the essential was resistance to inclement weather and mechanical loads. For this reason, Alesta®paints, manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001, are ideal for the coating of this type of structures. The Alesta® AP series assortment includes glossy, satin and matte powder paints, also available in other finishes ranging from metallic to fine texture.

In 2008, the ambitious project won the European Property Award from the world-famous economic news network CNBC. It is expected that the “Zaota 44” will be finally erected in 2013.