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  -  News   -  Barasona Diseño y Comunicación collaborates with El Barco de Antena 3

Photo: The Boat

Barasona Diseño y Comunicación collaborates with the best television series of the moment, this time with the new season of the magnificent series El Barco.

The premiere of the third season of the Antena 3 series could not be better. As planned, fans of fiction have not missed the appointment with the chapter‘The Crewman of Honor’and have given the network a 17.8 screen share, which translates to 3,354,000 viewers. There is no doubt that‘The Boat’has returned to the high seas at full sail and with the wind in favor.

Barasona Diseño y Comunicación is a regular contributor to the best television producers, and in the third season of El Barco we have collaborated with Hisbalit mosaics, Ramon Soler taps and Fontini electrical mechanisms to equip the decorations of this prestigious TV series.