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  -  News   -  Garby Black by Fontini

Collection of electric black porcelain mechanisms

Fontini,a leader in high-end electrical mechanisms, offers us a BLACK finish for the GARBYporcelain collection, because success is based on taking care of all the details.

For both residential and commercial projects.- Fontini bets on black in its Garby Black mechanisms for those who are looking for a piece with character and great personality. Always at the forefront of decorating, the firm offers Garby Black,a complete collection of electrical mechanisms that bring unmatched value to design projects. Garby Black has a place in both residential and commercial, for cottages, or for an industrial loft, or a restaurant of Scandinavian design, and also for a trendy hotel… Garby Black is the perfect icing on the icing.

The collection is chosen by prestigious interior designers thanks to its aesthetics, which transmits a perfect harmony between the contemporary and the classic, and have a wide range that encompasses switch (unipolar and bipolar), switch, double switch, cross-breeding, double-hand pushbutton, TV socket…

Fontini has its own porcelain factory.- Garby Black is a collection of electrical mechanisms created with high quality porcelain. Fontini has a factory that produces its own porcelain, thus controlling its entire manufacturing process. Porcelain is a fine and sophisticated material highly appreciated for its great beauty. Practically working by hand, so you need greater control and care in the production.

The Garby Black collection is manufactured entirely in the national installations of Fontini,ensuring the demand and maximum quality, essential in each piece.

Garby Customization.- Fontini it gives the possibility to choose the design of the loop of the mechanism: classic or retro. If you are looking for a country and romantic atmosphere, the classic bow is perfect, while if you want a more industrial space of character, the retro bow is the perfect choice.













Created to the highest quality standards required by current regulations, Garby Black adapts to all built-in or surface electrical systems, can be completed with wooden or porcelain frames, and in addition, they adapt to universal boxes .
























Design: Own equipment.

Surface installation.
10AX – 250V –
16A plug base – 250V –
High breaking power silver contacts.
Built with porcelain and technical thermoplastics.
Wooden and porcelain frames, customization possibilities with raw frames.
Frames to install vertically or horizontally.
Frames for surface installation and universal box installation with adapter screws.

RPV: from 35 euros (VAT included)


Unipolar Switch, Bipolar Switch, Switch, Double Switch, Double Switch, Crossbutton, Pushbutton, Double Pushbutton, Hand Pushbutton, Double Hand Pushbutton, Blind Mechanism, Electronic Controller. 400w hand pushbutton, Electronic regulator. 900w Hand Pushbutton, Blind Plate, Cable Output, 500w Regulator Potentiometer, Power Sockets, Dual Phone Jack, Dual RJ45 Jack, RJ45 Socket + Phone Jack, End TV Socket, Single TV Jack, Intermediate TV Socket A, Intermediate TV Socket B, Presence Detector 180 thermostat for heating, Light beacons.


Fontini series adapt to universal boxes.