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How does Bona keep the wood on the outside?

Flawless wood on the outside with Bona Oil for flooring and outdoor furniture


The pallets and outdoor furniture are constantly exposed to the inclement weather and if not treated properly end up deteriorating.

Aware of this problem, Bona,a world leader in the market for its exclusive system for the treatment of wood, puts at our disposal a wide range of solutions for the care of outdoor wood.

To get the best out of the outdoor wood the firm offers Bona Oil for flooring and outdoor furniture.

Bona Flooring and Furniture Oil is an oil with a high solids content for the treatment of exterior wood surfaces exposed to inclement weather. It improves the natural grain of wood while protecting it from cracks and can be used in virtually all types of wood; for example hardwoods and exotic woods.

Function. Bona’s Flooring and Outdoor Furniture Oil covers the pores of the wood and prevents moisture penetration.

Protection. Flooring Oil and Outdoor Furniture contains UV protectors to reduce harmful sun radiation on wood.

Durability. Today’s aqueous-based products perform well while reducing the amount of harmful solvent gases. Cleaning tools and product splashes is easier and more comfortable.

Sustainability. Bona cares about the environment. With an innovative and systematic approach, it works to reduce its impact on the environment and create sustainable solutions for the future. Outdoor Flooring and Furniture Oil is an oil with a high concentration

Now Bona has a special discount on the product of 30 if you buy it on its online page and we also give you a cleaning spray for furniture and garden

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With Bona’s Flooring And Outdoor Furniture Oil, protecting and maintaining your wooden flooring and outdoor furniture is now easier, faster and with many more color choice.

Flooring Oil and Outdoor Furniture Bona d isponicins in 7 colors:

Neutral, white, black, grey, hazelnut, reddish and teak.