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  -  News   -  Ramon Soler’s new Arola monocommand®

Being at the forefront of design is synonymous with continuous innovation and, therefore, Ramon Soler® it is committed to great designs designed to improve our lives. With the AROLA 2602 the firm manages to offer us the comfort and ergonomics of a single command, without forgetting the importance of a pristine aesthetic.

Ramon Soler’s clean and avant-garde lines are ® trending and the firm expands the collection featuring the AROLA sink monocommand. The new AROLA Ref.2602 has a lever that follows the architectural lines so characteristic of the entire line.

Ramon Soler® incorporates in the AROLA monocommand the most suitable technology for perfect and also environmentally friendly operation.

In addition, this faucet is ideal for residential projects and for the hotel sector, because it has all the advantages of a single-control design faucet in which ergonomics and comfort when using it prevail.

With the new AROLA monocommand the firm puts at our disposal a tap of great comfort that consists of an aerator-limiter, with a perfect outlet of water, and that also has the rotating pipe, ideal for daily grooming.

Ramon Soler® is innovation, quality, design and sustainability, concepts that brings together in AROLA,the complete collection that transports us to natural luxury environments.

Manufacturer:Ramon Soler Industries

Model: Monomando Washbasin Arola ref. 2602

25 mm ceramic single-control cartridge. Ref. 25000

Flow rate at 3 bar. 9 l/min

Aerator spare Ref.1532

Recommended usage pressure: 1-5 bar (Recommended 3 bar)

5-year warranty.


S2 water saving Our monocommands incorporate an intermediate stop in the vertical path of the lever. In this way, the user finds a small resistance that causes the lever of the single command to be placed in an intermediate position, providing a flow rate with a saving of 50 water. In case more flow is required, simply beat the said stop and open the faucet completely. This system is also known as staggered or two-phase opening.

Durability Our faucets stand out for their high strength since all its external components with wear, are metallic which allows a great durability over time.

Diamond Finish The surface of all our taps are very resistant and have an extra gloss finish thanks to a studied chrome plating process and rigorous quality controls. Chrome: 15 microns nickel thickness, 0.3 microns of chromium

Sensitivity Our single-control and thermostatic cartridges allow you to comfortably regulate the desired temperature, regulating the water mixture progressively, without sudden changes in temperature. In addition, our thermostatic cartridges react in less than a second to temperature and flow variations while maintaining the requested temperature.

Ergonomics The ergonomic design of our taps allows easy use for anyone.