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  -  News   -  Senttix: sleep better, awaken your senses

Senttix ( a new line of mattresses of sophisticated design, designed to improve the quality of rest by incorporating natural insulating materials, together with fabrics of the highest quality and with all its certified properties.

Good rest, good sleep, has a multitude of benefits that are noticed inside and out. Our appearance, mood and mental status depend heavily on quality sleep and Senttix has arrived to improve your well-being.























Senttix consists of a total of three different collections aimed at clearly defined target audiences:


For those users who know that good sleep is health, but that is also beauty. Elegant and stylish mattresses that can do a lot for you, designed with fabrics with certified properties.


Products designed for a dynamic user profile, always pending the latest technologies. The ideal mattresses for all those who squeeze the day and deserve the best recovery at night.


A selection of resting products where the beautiful, the natural and the useful come along. Natural fabrics and fillers with certificates that prove their sustainability, to achieve a rest like that of a lifetime.
























In a country where more than 4 million Spaniards suffer from insomnia,there is much to be done. So good advice from the best professionals, accompanied by an ideal product to sleep peacefully is always a good investment on the part of the client. According to Asocama, there is a very close relationship between the switch to a new mattress and the improvement of night rest. A new mattress can improve up to 63 of the back pains.

Senttix takes care of rest and offers a range of certified materials to improve the experience of rest. Quality materials to improve sleep:

  • Hydra+

Probiotic-enriched fabrics, which produce antioxidant effects to protect your skin.

  • Multispring® Soft Touch

Progressive comfort achieved with its double layer bagged spring core. Soft at the beginning and a firm support at the end.

  • Biocrystal®

Mix of carefully selected crystallized minerals to improve energy renewal. Scientifically proven.

  • Celliant

Improves blood circulation and achieves the best tissue recovery during sleep.

  • Moon

HR and Viscoelastic foams like you’ve never seen before. Maximum breathability easily demonstrable when compared to any other foam on the market.

  • Warm-Up Area

50cm adaptive band to concentrate the benefits of active recovery in specific areas of the body (legs, lumbar, back).

  • Oeko-Tex® Standard 100

Certification that guarantees the absence of chemicals harmful to the body during the manufacturing process.

  • Natural insulators

Lana Merina traditionally the best insulation and also the most natural, especially pleasant on winter nights. On the other hand, it keeps summer nights cool with Organic Cotton.

  • Hemp

It is a natural fiber with antibacterial properties, fire-retardant properties and greater durability than other traditional fibers.


Mind, body and soul

At Senttix,we take the user’s rest seriously, because personal health and well-being depends to a large extent on quality sleep to its right measure. For this purpose, natural insulating materials are incorporated, together with fabrics of the highest quality and with all its certified properties.

About Ecu, with a clear vocation to offer comprehensive rest solutions, Ecus is a Spanish company with 25 years of experience in the sector, which currently has an international presence on several continents.

Ecu is committed to a policy of minimizing the impact of its activities on the environment. The firm produces electricity using photovoltaic technology, thus reducing its carbon footprint.

Innovation is in the firm’s DNA. A pioneer in some of the most important technologies in the rest sector.