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  -  News   -  Success of Bona at CONSTRUMAT 2017

Bona demonstrates at CONSTRUMAT,the fair held in Barcelona recently, that the appropriate combination of wood species, manufacturing quality and varnish, result in a pavement extremely resistant to shock and scratching, even when a flamenco dancer stokes it with all her energy.

The leading firm in the installation, renovation and maintenance of the wooden floors made several flamenco shoe passes on the oak floor of the stand, demonstrating that a wooden floor with the proper treatment is super resistant, so much so that after of each performance the ground remains intact.

In particular, the floor exposed and shoeed twice a day, at the CONSTRUMAT fair, is a solid wood floor varnished with BONA Traffic Natural varnish,a varnish of finish 100 polyurethane to water of two components,offering a excellent durability and protection to it.

A show with great force in which the wooden floor treated by Bona did not suffer any wear or scratch. Something amazing but true, even seeing the metal sole shoe of the flamenco dancer. Once the show was over, with a simple pass of Bona Spray Mop,the floor remained intact.

Bona surprised the attendees of CONSTRUMAT 2017 with a unique flamenco show, creating a perfect harmony between the richness of flamenco and that of wooden floors. Attendees became spectators and Bona became the perfect hostess.

During the event, the program Coses del Marc Serra de Cadena Rac1 recorded part of the performance and conducted an interview with the Flamenco dancer, being a real testimony.

You can hear it by clicking HERE