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  -  Architecture   -  A more sustainable bathroom: renovations and decoration to achieve this

When we think about saving energy it may be that the first place that comes to mind is the kitchen, since it is grouped most of the appliances that consume the most, but it is not the only stay in which you can save. In this article we will discuss the particularities of the bathroom and give a few keys to make this space become a fort of sustainability.

Appropriate rate – sustainability assured

The first point from which you have to leave before talking about renovations or decoration in the bathroom is from the electric bill. If we are overpaying for our consumption, every time we lift the tap towards the hot water the receipt will go up incessantly. For this reason, it is necessary to study our consumption of both light and gas correctly.

In the first case, the Spanish electricity market is extremely broad and there are state-regulated (currently eight) and free (more than 200) light companies that offer all kinds of tariffs. Know the particularities of each company in this link:
. When you have defined your spending you can see what light company suits you more to make it easier for you cheaper during 2019,keep in mind that if the conditions of your house change (number of inhabitants, amplitude, more appliances…) you will have to check again if the rate suits you.

In the second case, with the supply of the gas you must do the same. In particular, it has great relevance for the sustainability of the bath if it depends on hot water. Above all, don’t confuse enlist gas with changing rates. The first situation occurs only when there is no supply in the house, either because it never had or because it was decommissioned. Enlist gas it is not a free and immediate procedure, so it is better to start managing it as soon as possible. Regarding how long it takes to register the gas,all marketers handle the same deadlines, between 5 and 7 working days.

How to achieve a sustainable bath?

Rates are already revised so now the next step: How to get a sustainable bath?. Above all it is about taking more care of resources such as water or light, so we will explain two different ways to achieve it, either through reforms, or through decoration.


  • Turn your bathtub into a shower. It is one of the most classic reforms when children no longer be home, not only for space but for water saving. In addition, placing a reduced flow head will cause the liters used to decrease.
  • Say hello to the Eco-inodoro. Did you know that the toilet uses almost 30 more water than large appliances? With this eco variety and its double button, the chain will not pull 26 liters of water every time the button is pressed.
  • Natural materials. Use materials such as stone, wood or ceramics for your bathroom furniture, as well as recycled products such as bamboo.


  • The carpets also have a gap in the bathroom. Placing a rug in the bathroom will prevent slipping but will also insulate from the cold. She is a great ally to keep the temperature in space.
  • LED bulbs. Still haven’t installed LED bulbs in every room of your home? What are you waiting for? They save 80 more energy than traditional ones and last much longer.
  • Organic products. If you’re on the path of saving and caring for the planet, it’s consistent that you use sustainable products to reduce your environmental footprint.

If you want to know more about this topic and know the sustainable development goals set out by the United Nations and 193 countries committed from now until the year 2030 you can find out here.