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  -  Architecture   -  Adagietto by Ramon Soler®
The innovative collection of Adagio faucets expresses its most minimalist and symmetrical air with its Adagietto version

Ramon Soler®has already fallen in love with Adagio, a collection of faucets with a design based on ideal proportions and organic forms present in nature. The firm’s innovative commitment to interweaving tradition and innovation by redesigning a bimonthly faucet, expresses a new air with Adagietto, its most minimalist version.


Adagietto is clearly the effervescence of Adagio’s minimalist and symmetrical character. These are exclusive wall faucets for washbasins in which the Adagio cross handles are replaced by a more linear design, type “lever” in the same combination of sinuous lines and right angles.

The secret of the Adagietto faucets to be the most minimalist version of Adagio, lies in how the bases of the original design have been respected, providing at the same time an emblematic differentiating detail. Same pipe, same conical shaped trims and yet the evolution towards simplicity and maximum elegance is found in its handles.

Foto: Grifo para lavabo repisa Adagietto de Ramon Soler®

The Adagietto version presents a range of three exclusive models among which we find a bimando of built-in basin mural and two bimando of basin for shelf, which differ by the length of its pipe, being the first of 170mm and 190mm the second. In terms of finishes we find them in the classic and infallible chrome, in an elegant pristine matte black and in a sophisticated brushed gold. Adagietto, like the rest of Ramon Soler’s® creations, is made of top quality materials and offers unparalleled functionality and resistance for modern bathrooms.

The Adagietto handle also allows to accompany the aesthetic essence of Adagio in the single-lever versions of the collection, ensuring a precise and ergonomic use for the selection of flow and temperature. For example, we find it in single-lever floor columns for sink and bathtub or in built-in bathrooms and shower.

Foto: Columna monomando para bañera Adagietto de Ramon Soler®



In addition to its beauty, Adagietto represents the technological innovation that characterizes Ramon Soler®, incorporating systems and mechanisms for an optimal installation and a satisfactory result. Specifically, being Adagietto a version that mainly presents recessed taps, the firm has developed a simple assembly system without screws that protects delicate pieces, thus maintaining a clean and elegant aesthetic.

Specifically, steering wheel and trim sets have been designed in one piece. Both are attached to the recessed body through a simple manual threading, thanks to a joint shaft between them that allows their rotation independently until their total fixation.

In this way it is possible to optimize the assembly time and reduce the risks of involuntary marking of the visible parts due to the use of the tools.

The high performance of Adagietto includes other features and systems for greater efficiency, and resistance, providing value in its use and making this a comfortable and satisfactory experience on a day-to-day basis.

Foto: Grifo para lavabo empotrado a pared Adagietto de Ramon Soler®