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Nuovvo® has been awarded in the product category with the prestigious iF DESIGN AWARD 2021 Award, internationally recognized as a seal of excellence in design. MIO he is proclaimed the winner of a DESIGN AWARD 2021 from an international jury of 98 prestigious design experts from more than 20 countries. The bathroom furniture of the leading manufacturer of resin products and mineral loads, stands out

Matte black, the finish of the latest trends with maximum strength and durability. Ramon Soler's® Blautherm matte black shower columns have an immediate delivery time in just 10 days. As we have seen for some time, the timeless elegance of black is booming in the most modern bathrooms. Black is the color that has always been associated with non-ostentatious luxury and maximum elegance and

The perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality MIO is a suspended bathroom furniture that reflects the elegance of the firm creating a modern stay thanks to its soft shapes designed to reduce the furniture to its minimum expression. Its rounded and careful shapes bring originality and harmony to the whole. This spectacular NUOVVO® furniture has recently expanded its combinations with the catalog introduction of the

Ramon Soler ®performs medical testsof serology and PCR to his entire workforce, to safeguard a safe working environment For Ramon Soler Industries®,tap manufacturers with 130 years of history, the most important thing is people, for this reason the company once again shows its commitment to society, and performs medical tests to all its employees and collaborators. This reinforces all the protocols

Ramon Soler® presents the new single-command Blautherm shower with integrated lever inverter,a shower with a unique design. This novelty of Ramon Soler ® it is a great advance both technologically and aesthetically, since integrating the inverter into the lever, the single command acquires a more refined line: there is no longer any piece that hinders the pure lines of the shower assembly. Looks like a

In this sophisticated bathroom we live a nature invented to recover the natural rhythm of things. With Ramon Soler's XXL square format cenital sprinklers rain output Ramon Soler®,we guarantee truly revitalizing showers. Because a project that has a large sprinkler, will not only offer a design interior, but will provide the user with an undoubted well-being.