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Tradition and modernity are two seemingly contrary concepts that AZUVI joins with excellence in its new CONCEPTseries.

The charm of past years and the modern demands of the most sophisticated decoration are reflected in the new CONCEPT collection, where the beauty of natural cement is recovered in a range of shades according to the needs of architecture Contemporary.

SUTIL TEXTURES.- In matte finish and inspired by the materiality and small imperfections typical of natural cement maintains, to the touch, the softness of the ceramic surface. In coating, the collection presents two finishes, smooth textured and linear relief (Ruled).

AVAILABILITY OF FORMATS.- Available in square format (porcelain pavement) and rectangular format (white paste coating), CONCEPT is a complete collection that also stands out because it is available in large format pieces XXL of 90x270cm and 90x90cm, with 9mm thickness. A format totally suitable for large surfaces or latest trend projects, ideal for obtaining the least number of joints.

TEMPORARY TONALITIES.- AZUVI presents CONCEPT in a range of neutral tones that awaken sensations of serenity and elegance. In pavement, CONCEPT is available in 75×75 and 60×60, in four shades Mist, Natural, Classic and Smoke; in 40×120 cladding, three: Concept/Ruled White, Concept/Ruled Natural and Concept/Ruled Classic and in 30×60 in two: Concept/White and Concept/Ruled Classic.






































The most natural and resistant cement finish is found in CONCEPT,which with the special large format dimensions (90×90 and 90×270) facilitates the execution of residential or contract projects in which the impeccable aesthetics of minimalism are sought more exclusive.













CONCEPT is the material, ideal for both coating and pavement, with which AZUVImanages to captivate us.

Technical Features

CONCEPT Collection

Colored porcelain flooring

White paste coating

Design:AZUVI Team

Colors:White, Natural, Mist, Classic and Smoke


Concept Mist / Concept Natural / Concept Classic / Concept Smoke

59×59 / 60×60 / 75×75 /90×90 /90×270 cm

Concept White / Concept Classic / Ruled White / Ruled Classic

40×120 / 30×60 cm

Concept Natural / Ruled Natural

40×120 cm

Number of Faces: 12 in 75×75 format, 8 in 40×120 format

Finishes: Mate

Technical aspects Differentials:V2 detonified

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Recommended RRP starting at 23.88+ VAT