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  -  News   -  19315 collection of Requena and Plaza for ecus’ exclusive ICON author’s catalogue

Ecus rest systems specialist surprises us with his new collection ICON , a exclusive author’s catalogue armchairs and sofas created by renowned designers. For the occasion, the prestigious architecture firm Requena y Plaza designs the collection of sofas and armchairs 19315.

Perfectionists, demanding and lovers of things well done. Requena and Plaza was born in 1987, and since then they have developed more than 600 projects of different nature and size: hotels, work-office areas, retail and unique spaces. They are currently in a moment of international expansion, both for their clients and for their companies. Today, more than 120 people work in grupo Requena and Plaza.

19315 requena and Plaza for ICON of Ecus-. The inspiration comes from the search for a timeless product and adaptable to different aesthetics. Basic geometric shapes such as the cube have been used, with a serene staging.

It is a chameleon collection, with a great ease of integration. The four elements that make up the design (base furniture, arm, perimeter rod and textile integration complement) give it a great uniqueness and novelty.
























In addition, the 19315 collection is complete and available in: 3-seater sofa, 2-seater sofa, armchair and pouf.

Ideal for all types of spaces due to its integration capacity. Whether in hotels, in large facilities, as in medium-high quality homes, the 19315 designer sofa in Requena and Plaza fits perfectly.

The result of the proposal Ecus is an exclusive catalogue that brings together designs with a lot of character, for which it has designers of the likes of Tomás Alía, Carmen Barasona, Calamita Valderas, Moneo Brock, Requena and Plaza, Teresa Sapey.

Creative minds with different design visions make it ICON it is a complete catalogue, suitable for contract projects of different styles and characteristics, because ICON includes designs of differentiated aesthetics that fit perfectly into different types of projects.




















Requena and Plaza with the design of the 19315 collection perfectly captures ecus’ mission in its ICONcollection: a design that articulates the relationship that is established between architectural space and personal well-being.













Technical features

3-seater sofa

Measurements: 210x75x86 cm

2-seater sofa

Measurements: 186x75x86 cm


Measurements: 110x75x86 cm


Measurements: 80x80x80 m