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  -  Architecture   -  ONCE Foundation chooses Ramon Soler® for your HOTEL room at InteriHOTEL Barcelona

Fundación ONCE participates in Experience Area at InteriHOTEL Barcelona,with a space dedicated to unnoticed accessibility designed by Ilunion Technology and Accessibility, and chooses taps from Ramon Soler® for the shower area.

Ramon Soler® it addresses the issue of accessibility in the bathroom with great delicacy and professionalism by offering special taps for the shower area that facilitate the use of people with mobility problems.

The space of 48 square meters was exposed a room where visitors could see that an accessible hotel room is not at odds with the design and the aesthetics.

For the occasion the large thermostatic complex with fixed column BLAUTHERM refwas installed. 9448 RP240 with Ramon Solermedical lever® .

Thermostatic taps are undoubtedly the most prominent element of the set, as it combines functionality, ergonomics, comfort and safety of use. Not in vain has a temperature limiting system that allows the user to choose the exact temperature that he wants at all times, without experiencing variations in it even if the faucet is opened and closed or its flow is emptied.

Ramon Soler® is a manufacturer committed to social issues and special projects, with an R&D team that creates parts that work and improve the quality of life of people with mobility problems.

Ramon Soler® it has a very complete range of hospital taps ideal in also in geriatrics, care and for people with reduced mobility, and covering all its areas: operating rooms, medical areas, public areas and rooms for patients.

TERMOSTOP BLOCK. System that limits the maximum temperature of hot water, avoiding the risk of burns, as well as excessive consumption of hot water. It is a system designed for collective facilities such as hotels, geriatrics, hospitals and residences.

WATER SAVING SYSTEM S2. 50 of the flow rate is supplied, providing a flow rate with great water savings. In case there is a need for more flow, simply beat the top of the faucet and open it completely. This system is also known as staggered or two-phase opening.

HOTBLOCK. Ramon Soler®thermostatics have a system that automatically blocks the outlet at high temperature, which could cause burns to the user.

With this collaboration the firm Ramon Soler® it is committed to being present in interesting interior design initiatives of the contract sector and demonstrates its wide catalog of bathroom faucets for the hotel sector.