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  -  Architecture   -  Bona in the Sagrada Familia

The cork floor of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is varnished with Bona Prime Intense and Bona Traffic Oil,the treatment that guarantees great durability for a soil exposed to high traffic.

The Sagrada Familia created by the architect Antoni Gaudí, with – around 4 million visits per year – has become a center of exceptional international spirituality that welcomes people from all backgrounds and creeds.

With the architecture and beauty of the building the architect achieved a symbiosis between religious form and symbolism,with a peculiar architecture generated by new structures, shapes and geometries but of great logic and inspired by nature, with a important prominence of light and colour.

The architectural element that is most exposed to deterioration in such a building is the soil, one reason why MCD Group has opted for the products Bonain protecting it, for the reliability of the firm and the large number of international references with which Bona Account.

The products used to varnish amorim’s cork pavement from the Sagrada Familia were:

  • First of all a layer of Bona Prime Intense. Bona Prime Intense is a background varnish or primer 100 polyurethane in aqueous base of a single component for use in parquet and other wooden floors before varnishing with varnishes of aqueous finish. Bona Prime Intense offers an intense coloring look and, most importantly, it provides great soil resistance.
  • Secondly, two layers of Bona Traffic HD extra mattewere made, because thanks to its features it was the most suitable for this emblematic place where millions of people come to circulate.
  • Bona Traffic HD is the high-performance varnish for areas with high traffic, which exceeds the performance of any other varnish in both speed and durability. Bona Traffic HD is a powerful solution for areas such as lobbies, airports, exhibition halls and train stations, and gives the floors long-lasting protection while preserving its lifetime beauty.

The unique spectacularity of the Sagrada Familia requires care with the best products. Bona, leader in treatments and care for wooden floors, is chosen for large projects for its high performance and excellent service.


About Bona

Founded in 1919, it is an innovative world-leading company with unique systems for the treatment of hardwood floors. Through subsidiaries and distributors Bonahas a local presence in more than 50 different countries, allowing you to be close to wood professionals.

Thanks to the long-term commitment and passion for hardwood floors, Bonaoffers lasting and sustainable results for both professionals and wood floor owners, whatever their needs.