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  -  Architecture   -  Bona Naturale, a star product for stars

Bona Naturale is the treatment chosen by BR-111 for wooden floors designed by Kravitz Design Inc.

Designers like Lenny Kravitz (better known as a singer) have designed a unique soil range with Bona Naturale.

BR-111 Hardwood Flooring,one of the most recognized, respected and pioneering brands in the field of exotic solid wood flooring, set out to look for inspiration to make its new product range innovative, modern, durable and affordable. Kravitz Design was the obvious choice.

Kravitz Design (KDI) was founded by Renaissance man and legendary music icon Lenny Kravitz. Focusing on a residential and commercial product design and design, it promotes a portfolio of well-known companies, with a range that includes Swarovski Crystal Palace Collection chandeliers, rooms at the SLS Hotel in Miami Beach and a studio recording in a two-story penthouse at the Setai Hotel and Residences. Their design solutions are exciting, eclectic, innovative and dynamic, they have been the perfect choice for such collaboration.

BR-111 in turn asked its long-term innovative partner, Bona, to produce a unique, natural-looking soil treatment for this new range of parquets, with a 10″ extra-wide plate format with a full 3/4″ profile of Thickness. The planks are made of European oak with loose veins and natural tones, ranging from a range of eight colours ranging from the natural and luminous Chambord oak to cover the range of grays reaching the contemporary charcoal black.

Bona’s product development managers developed a super durable natural matte finish,which is perfectly suited to all types of installations and climate, want to elevate the ordinary to extraordinary. All products are equipped with Bona Lifetime Support and, thanks to the worldwide network of Certified Professionals,every customer can be sure that they get not only the high quality floor of their dreams but also that they are fits and has a finish that exceeds expectations.

Do you want to have the same natural wood floor that the stars have?

Your choice is Bona Naturale extramate finish. Oil appearance with the strength of a varnish.

With Bona Naturale extramate you will get wooden floors with a natural appearance while protected and with easy maintenance.

Maintains the look and feel of pure wood.

Bona is an innovative world leader with a unique system for the treatment of wooden floors. It offers environmentally friendly products for the installation, maintenance and renovation of wooden floors, as well as UV varnishes.

Bona’s mission is to get the best out of the wooden floors.