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  -  Architecture   -  BRIDGE by Font Barcelona. How to get four international awards in the same year of its launch.


The result of a commitment to craftsmanship, design, materials and constructive detail, the Bridge Font Barcelona designed by Oriol Guimerá and Joan Cinca has been recognized in the same year of its launch with four of the most prestigious international design awards: Reddot Design Awards’18, Good Design Awards’18, Archiproducts Awards’18 and Silver Delta awards’18.

These four international awards, aims to recognize and reward the best designs.

In this way Bridge has seen its harmony between design, functionality and innovation recognized.

A mechanism with a conception of pure lines and minimal formal invasion of only 6 mm thick, marked by the geometric proportions of its key that plays with the plane of its support plate, creating an authentic set of lights, shadows and volumes.

Its main contribution is that the key no longer intends to go unnoticed or inserted into the plate, but float freely as suspended in the void, evoking a bridge that unites design, ergonomics, simplicity and tradition.

With character, minimalist, and with a lot of glamour, we find ourselves in front of a mechanism that is clearly identified with the Font Barcelonaline: exclusive and elegant; the perfect detail for all those rooms where design is the protagonist.

Built to measure, according to the needs of each client and using exclusively noble materials, it is the ultimate expression of minimalist, careful and contemporary design.

With Bridge the small key mechanisms are reinterpreted, treating the switch as a wall jewel.

Bridge is installed in universal electrical mechanism boxes and is perfectly suited to home automation systems.

Technical details:

Manufacturer:Font Barcelona


Design: Oriol Guimerand Joan Cinca

Made in Barcelona

Built to measure, according to the needs of each client.

It is installed in the universal boxes of the market and adapts to home automation systems.

Dimensions: 6mm thick plate and key that only protrudes 9mm.

Material:Metal and Corian


  • Plate:Silver Brushed Aluminum, Brushed Black Aluminum, Brushed Stainless Steel, ChromeD Brass, Golden Brass, Brushed Graphite Brass, Soft Polished Brass, Patiné Brass, CORIAN White®, ChromeD Brass, and Aluminum Finished Silver, Black, Dark Grey and Dark Grey White.
  • Hands: Semi-matte Chrome, Chrome, Bright Gold, Black Nickel, Nickel and Patiné.