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Treatments for wooden floors – the easiest way for a big change

Flooring is also an important aspect in interior design and to keep them as new, there are wood floor treatments with fast and effective results. With professional help, the work can be completed in a single day, without dust or dirt in the house.

New trends are constantly emerging between interior decoration and this also applies to floors. This year’s trend is to go to more rustic floors using a variety of new materials such as bamboo, cork and vinyl.

Despite all these materials, there is nothing like an authentic wooden floor. It offers us longevity and multiple possibilities when it comes to combining. For almost 100 years, Bona (Swedish multinational manufacturer of wood flooring products) has gained great experience and gained the trust of many soil professionals.

Currently has professionals of the highest level, trained and certified by Bona to use its product system in wooden floors, we talk about bona certified professionals.

Bona has three different treatments designed according to the needs of wooden floors: Gold, Silver and Bronze. The Gold treatment is ideal for a total renewal of the soil when it is damaged and yellowish. The Silver treatment consists of a polish and coating of the surface, it is perfect for when the protective layer of the floor is a little stained or has fine scratches. Finally, with the Bronze treatment you can perform a deep cleaning and apply a new protection on the surface, leaving the floor as new and available to be used in a few hours after treatment.

“Treating the soils is the fastest way to change the expression of our home. With professional help, the floors can be renovated in less than a day. With proper soil treatment, the whole house can be translucent and even colored using different treatments, with many possibilities of result” says Susana Ugena Responsible for Marketing at Bona Iberia.

Changing the color of floors is an easy way to improve the interior environment of a space. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the color of a floor:

The rest of the colors of the house and the amount of light that enters the room. A dark floor absorbs a lot of light and makes the room appear smaller. At the same time, a dark floor produces a feeling of more warmth and makes the stay more cozy.

  • A clear floor produces a perception of increased space as light is reflected more in this.
  • A bright wooden floor can create a varnished floor appearance and make it fit with other wood components in the room.
  • The interior equipment also contributes to the overall impression of the place. Light furniture in combination with a dark floor is usually a surprisingly good combination.

Dust-free sanding, clean air

Bona Certified Professionals know how to polish and treat wooden floors. In addition they do so with methods in which sanding powder is no longer a problem, we talk about the Bona DCS Powder suction plant with which the sanding or polishing of the floors is done without dust, thus avoiding covering the furniture and cleaning everything after the process sanding. This way the owners can be in the house during the process and step back on the floors in a matter of hours,” says Susana Ugena.

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