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A wooden floor in hotels is a good thing if we apply the right treatments and if we perform a subsequent maintenance with quality products. Bona,a specialist in wooden floors since 1919, is a pioneer in preparing and maintaining wooden floors in public and private spaces. The firm offers a lifetime commitment to a wooden floor and this is a guarantee for hoteliers. When designing

Treatments for wooden floors - the easiest way for a big change Flooring is also an important aspect in interior design and to keep them as new, there are wood floor treatments with fast and effective results. With professional help, the work can be completed in a single day, without dust or dirt in the house. New trends are constantly emerging between interior decoration

If you need professional help restoring your hardwood floor, BONA has the professional you are looking for. Finding a true professional is not easy, but Bona certified professionals will advise you and give you the confidence you need when it comes to restoring your wooden floor. The firm Bona selects professionals who use the complete range of Bona System products and perform a professional work

The best performance for every need Machines for all kinds of sanding jobs Whether you are a high-level professional who needs to sand as many square footage as possible, or a smaller-scale professional looking for a flexible solution, or a specialized semi-professional looking for a safe and reliable result or even a DIY buff who wants to keep his own wooden flooring, Bona offers the