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  -  Architecture   -  How to keep an outdoor wooden floor in autumn

In autumn Bona advises oiling your outdoor deck with Bona Decking

BONA,wood experts since 1919, knows how to keep a floor in perfect condition, keeping it young for decades and advises us how to maintain an outdoor wooden floor in autumn with Bona Decking Oiloutdoor oil.

In autumn it is important to prepare the wooden floors from outdoors to protect them from cold, rain and snow.

Bona Decking Oil provides outdoor hardwood floors with the protection they need to resist and repel harmful elements, while staying in optimal conditions regardless of weather.

Protects wood from water and dirt

Water and dirt can cause serious damage to your wooden floor. Bona Decking Oil works by penetrating deep into the wood, to create a protective and durable barrier that repels water and dirt.

Longer life on outdoor wooden floors

Bona Decking Oil keeps the outdoor pallets as if they were new. The new formula greatly improves the protective properties of the oil: it is filtered to the inside of the wood giving them robust protection.

It is formed from vegetable oils and contains additives that reduce the effects of ultraviolet radiation on wood.

It also nourishes and enhances its wooden floor, providing it with a flawless appearance. Bona Decking Oil is easy to apply, and dries quickly, offering spectacular results with minimal effort.

Prevents cracks and whitening caused by UV rays

The platform will suffer fewer cracks, have greater protection against the bleaching produced by UV rays and better prevent water penetration.

Periodic maintenance

The climatic elements come to break the surface of the wooden floor; therefore, it is important to apply a new layer of Bona Deck Oil periodically, to keep the pores of the wood saturated and resistant. Thanks to this, the life of the wood is extended, without the need for great maintenance efforts. Once before summer, and again after summer, it is usually the appropriate application interval.

The environment and health as a central aspect

All Bona solutions are developed with environmental sustainability and health in mind. Whether you are a professional working with our solutions, or an owner who lives on a soil protected by Bona,your safety and health are our priority.