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If you need professional help restoring your hardwood floor, BONA has the professional you are looking for.

Finding a true professional is not easy, but Bona certified professionals will advise you and give you the confidence you need when it comes to restoring your wooden floor.

The firm Bona selects professionals who use the complete range of Bona System products and perform a professional work of wood floor restoration with dust-free sanding.

“Together we will provide you with the tranquility you want and beautiful soils for life.”


Certified, trained and trustworthy

Bona Certified Professionals are carefully selected professionals who have the proper training and certification to use the full range of Bona products for wooden floors.

At Bona we provide you with constant training so that you are always up to date on the best practices in the sector. We evaluate all professionals to make sure they get the best possible results with their hardwood floors. Trust your home’s largest investment to a Bona Certified Professional and ensure a very satisfactory result.

Clean air without dust

The dust from sanders when slashing your parquet or platform spreads everywhere. Dust can be introduced into clothes, kitchen cabinets and any corner of your home. Aware of this serious problem, Bona’s professional uses an absolutely airtight dust storage system. Bona’s dust containment system makes almost all the dust disappear. In fact, it removes up to 99.8 of the dust from the air compared to traditional stabbing processes.

Bona Certified Professionals offer a dust-free slashed, so a family can restore their parquet without leaving their home. You won’t have to cover or remove anything. You also won’t have to clean the house from top to bottom when you finish the job. And the air coming out of the sander will be cleaner than when it came in thanks to our HEPA air filters.

Bona Products Are Healthy and Ecological

Bona’s water finishes have a very low level of VOC (volatile organic compounds). Levels of volatile organic compounds in the air have detrimental effects on health and the environment. This means that Bona products are better for your family, your pets and the interior of your home.

Bona’s water-soluble technologies of Swedish origin are the key to recovering the beauty and elegance of their wooden, parquet or flooring by making them truly resistant and durable at the same time.

Faster drying

Bona’s water finishes dry between three and four times faster than other products and leave no strong odor. Thus, you can stay at home for the duration of the treatment of the soils and skate socks on them just a few hours later.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

Bona has a wide range of cleaning and maintenance products for wooden, tile, laminate and ceramic floors.

This means that you can keep your soils easy and effective and make them look great in the long run.

If your hardwood floors need a thorough cleaning, a Bona Certified Professional will use the Bona Deep Clean system in your home. It is the safest, most effective and easiest way to thoroughly clean the wooden floors. You can even stay home while you work and watch their soils leave as gleaming as when they were new.

Thinking of an expert to restore our wooden floor is a success: it will advise us and provide the best solutions available.

Bona puts at our disposal the wood flooring expert to trust.

Find here your Bona Certified Professional

Plant a tree/ Plant a tree

Since 2008 Bona has sent a Christmas gift for the “Plant a Tree” project through Vi-skogen (Vi Agroforestry) and a tree has been planted for all employees. In 2015 Bona will continue to support this program and once again Bona will buy a tree for each of its employees.