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The best performance for every need

Machines for all kinds of sanding jobs

Whether you are a high-level professional who needs to sand as many square footage as possible, or a smaller-scale professional looking for a flexible solution, or a specialized semi-professional looking for a safe and reliable result or even a DIY buff who wants to keep his own wooden flooring, Bona offers the right machinery for each user.

Effective and durable sanding: ALWAYS sanding odorless and dust-free

Each wooden floor is unique and has its own needs, and each project (whether public or residential) must also be maintained and the wooden floor ingatheses must be sanded.

Today, BONA has gained extensive experience of more than 90 years and brings the technical knowledge acquired and its innovations, to present a complete and extensive range of machines that cover any need when it comes to sanding. An exceptional fusion between a great passion for wooden floors and the technical knowledge of our experts: THE BONA Elite Fleet.


When technology and passion go together

Bona’s unparalleled passion for wooden floors has led to the launch of pioneering innovations that have changed the landscape of wood flooring treatment. The result is a complete range of fully compatible high-performance sanding machines. Whether it is, sanding to virgin wood; sanding of edges; multipurpose sanding for household floors; sanding thoroughly for large public areas; sanding without dust; Starfleet BONA Elite will help the wood flooring professional to overcome any challenge with ease and efficiency.