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It's time to make way for the color shock. Abandon pure white, greyand beige in perfect harmony and create a symbiosis of colors. Playing with colors and shapes is a risk of results that are as perfect as they are unique. Trends revolve around changes in society, decade after decade colors come and go. The grey wars give way to vivid colors, crises bring cakes

The best performance for every need Machines for all kinds of sanding jobs Whether you are a high-level professional who needs to sand as many square footage as possible, or a smaller-scale professional looking for a flexible solution, or a specialized semi-professional looking for a safe and reliable result or even a DIY buff who wants to keep his own wooden flooring, Bona offers the

The spot lighting of the BRINDIS luminaires of Pujol Lighting,allow to place several luminaires in the same environment, creating a set with a novel and unique aesthetic The BRINDIS collection of Pujol Lighting is available in suspension, application and tabletop. All of them remember real champagne glasses, creating a surprising effect once lit. Pujol Illumination designs high quality pieces and refined technique, with BRINDIS,reaffirms the