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May 2015
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White as snow, elegant as none and pure lines is the new collection Lighting is an essential part of a good interior project, whether we are talking about the design of the space or the selection of lighting products according to the environment that we want to project. Do not forget that the small details are often the most differentiating, so choosing a range

How to choose curtains in decorations? To hit with the right curtain, you have to take into account various factors such as the measurements of the windows, the environment and the type of window. For a good choice of curtains, we must consider its functionality: if with it we want to cover the view for greater privacy or simply want to provide a

Now that the heat arrives you want to give a touch of fresh air to our home and what better way than with beautiful cushions? The cushion is a decorative element that at the same time provides comfort in sofas, chairs or beds. You can even put them on the floor to sit in a fun and informal way. On the market there is a