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  -  Decoration   -  Cushions: bet on color!

Now that the heat arrives you want to give a touch of fresh air to our home and what better way than with beautiful cushions?

The cushion is a decorative element that at the same time provides comfort in sofas, chairs or beds. You can even put them on the floor to sit in a fun and informal way.

On the market there is a wide variety of cushions that combine fabrics, colors and shapes. Among the fabrics we can find from polyester to linen, also cotton and silk and even metallic yarn.

The colors range from the most neutral to the most acidic. Fresh colors are a good option to renovate any room of a house without investing too much. Oranges, violets and greens give the tone to sober rooms containing basic and natural colors. If the shades of the home are neutral, we have to contrast colors without being afraid to mix styles.

Dare with acid-colored cushions, freshness will enter your home!!!!