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  -  Decoration   -  Tower Bridge London varnished with Bona Traffic Anti Slip

The wooden floor of Tower Bridge in London is varnished with Bona Traffic Anti Slip,because it is the right varnish for high traffic and also has a non-slip effect.

London is a global city, a nerve center and is also a global cultural capital, and along with others such as New York or Shanghai, it is one of the most visited cities in the world.

One of the most important curiosities is the Tower Bridge that crosses the River Thames and is without a doubt one of the best known drawbridges in the world.

The top of the bridge is for pedestrians and when they decided to restore the ground, with an area of 480 m2, their choice was Bona’s products. One of the reasons is because the City of London is committed to using products that respect the environment and Bona has numerous environmental certifications.

The product used to varnish the wooden pavement of Tower Bridge was Bona Traffic Anti Slip,because thanks to its characteristics it was the most suitable for this emblematic place where millions of people come to circulate.

Bona Traffic Anti Slip is a two-component water-finished 100 polyurethane varnish for the treatment of wood flooring surfaces, offering excellent durability and protection.

It has the same characteristics of Bona Traffic,but with the added advantage of being formulated with the highest slip resistance standards in places where there is an increased risk of accidental liquid discharges. Due to its large friction Bona Traffic Anti-slip is the ideal choice for stairs, kitchens, nurseries schools and similar places.

Bona Traffic Anti Slip is a varnish with numerous advantages to highlight:

  • Contains less than 10 solvents
  • Excellent resistance to scratches and chemicals.
  • Excellent adhesion properties
  • High brand resistance and non-yellowing
  • Rated R10 according to DIN 51 130
  • Classified according to DIN 13501-1 fire reaction


About BONA

Founded in 1919, it is an innovative world-leading company with unique systems for the treatment of hardwood floors. Through subsidiaries and distributors Bona has a local presence in more than 50 different countries, allowing you to be close to wood professionals.

Thanks to the long-term commitment and passion for hardwood floors, Bona offers lasting and sustainable results for both professionals and wood floor owners, whatever their needs.

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