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  -  Architecture   -  Dear Brown bath by Carmen Barasona for Ramon Soler®

Creativity is one of the key tools of success and in the Dear Brown Bath designed by Carmen Barasona for Ramon Soler®is committed to an unconventional design, which results in an avant-garde and exclusive bathroom.

In the Dear Brown Bath, inspired by the shades of the most natural land, a generous distribution of its different areas has been chosen. The washbasin area, protagonist for its originality gives way to the bathtub area and the shower area, three environments that are harmonized by the use of materials chosen in brown tones.
























A state-of-the-art design furniture and a finish of pure lines, two circular mirrors and a countertop sink make up the design of an area. Being at the forefront of design is synonymous with continuous innovation and, therefore, Ramon Soler® with the AROLA 2602 manages to offer us the comfort and ergonomics of a single command, without forgetting the importance of an impolulating aesthetic.

Ramon Soler’s clean and avant-garde lines are ® trending and the firm expands the collection featuring the AROLA sink monocommand. The new AROLA Ref.2602 has a lever that follows the architectural lines so characteristic of the entire line.

Ramon Soler® incorporates in the AROLA monocommand the most suitable technology for perfect and also environmentally friendly operation.





















For the bathtub area THERMOARO was chosen, a high-end thermostatic tap, technically very advanced with cascading water outlet. An area designed for the enjoyment of the luxury of a good bath.

With more than a century of experience, Ramon Soler® presents us with collections that are unique, designs that take care of the smallest detail impregnated with quality and innovation, concepts that the company seamlessly unifies with aesthetics and eco-efficiency.































Ramon Soler® offers a wide range of innovative designs, which is why it is chosen for exclusive projects. The taps are one of the most important details in the design of every bathroom, a small detail that can become the star of the space, such as the BLAUTHERM single-command shower with integrated inverter installed in the dear Brownshower area.

The BLAUTHERM single-command shower with integrated inverter is a great advance both technologically and aesthetically, since integrating the inverter into the lever, the single control acquires a more refined line: there is no longer any piece that hinders the pure lines of the shower set.


Sanitary and Taperías

Sink area

MONOmando AROLA by Ramon Soler®.

Reference: 2602

Bathtub area

Thermoarola by Ramon Soler®.

Reference: 2639 S

Shower area

BLAUTHERM single-command shower with integrated Ramon Soler inverter®.


ence: 9378 RP240


Solid wood flooring restored and dyed in broken white.


Luminaires with LED technology.


Photograph: Stella Rotger and Team Ramon Soler®