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  -  Indoor Projects   -  Senttix’S QUITUDE

The mattress that perfects comfort for a restful rest.

Senttix,a firm that has a catalog of unique mattresses to make the time of sleep a luxury, in its collection VIT offers Quiétude, a mattress of sophisticated design, that improves the quality of rest by incorporating natural materials , fabrics of the highest quality and certified properties.

Sleeping the right hours is beneficial for both our health and our beauty. Senttix studies each of people’s reactions to offer solutions for quality rest. For example, eight-hour sleep reduces fine lines and wrinkles, lowers the number of spots on the skin and decreases the accumulation of porphyrins (skin bacteria), so Quiétude has been designed to ensure a good rest.

In Quiétude the firm incorporates fabrics with Hydra+ and De-Stresstreatments, two components to help us sleep soundly and replenish our beauty.

Hydra+. Tissue enriched with Hydra+,probiotics produced by carotenoids, organic pigments, which are also found in the skin of carrots, melon and tomatoes. Carotenoids are well-known antioxidants because they protect our skin from ultraviolet light and because they prevent and restore the damage that cells suffer from age, by aging. These carotenoids stimulate the rejuvenation of skin cells and have a beneficial effect on moisture levels and skin softness.

De-Stress. Coupled with the Hydra+property, the Quiltude fabric also includes electromagnetic pollution protection that minimizes negative ions. It makes all the electrostatic charge that the body accumulates disappear.

Inside is the Multispring block® Soft Touch that ensures a perfect, hyper-ventilated support, while an extraordinary softness with its double layer of springs.














Micro-Multispring®. Quiétude it’s a mattress designed not to be flipped. A mattress designed for large measures, which concentrates all the quality on one side. This model includes in its upper pad two layers of Micro springs packed Multispring®,which gives it an extra softness, maximum freshness and hygiene, at the same time freedom of movement for the sleepers.

The Quiétude mattress can be completed with Allure BioCrystal,a topper included in the ENERGY-balancing VIT collection. Senttix toppers are elements that are placed on top of the mattress to provide specific sensations. This time the crystals of the BioCrystal containing the visco core of the Alluretopper, in contact with the human body, harmonize and regulate the flow of energy and help to establish and maintain a healthy general state.

Quiétude has more layers inside made up of noble and natural materials such as silk and cotton, combined with super soft and viscoelastic foams to perfect comfort.














Senttix offers with Quiétude a mattress that stands out for its soft texture and pleasant freshness.