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  -  Architecture   -  Finnish Sauna Paris Line by INBECA Wellness Equipment: design and quality

The sauna bath was born in the area of Europe that today occupy countries such as Finland, Sweden and Russia, among others, becoming a very effective ritual to relax.

INBECA Wellness Equipment puts at our fingertips the Finnish sauna Line PARIS,a sauna of top quality finishes with an interior made of plywood board that guarantees a perfect behavior at high temperatures. The essential element of the sauna is the electrical equipment that generates the heat, heating the air to cause a very high temperature inside while obtaining a very low level of humidity due to the absorption effect of the wood.

The benches of the Finnish sauna PARIS are made of abachi wood and their design allows to combine the most refined finish with the comfort of a warm wood.

The technical advances of our times have shaped what were the original saunas to evolve to new models in which the health benefits are increased. Nervous tension, stimulation of blood circulation, oxygenation, cleansing of skin toxins and improvement of muscle tissue elasticity, are just some of the benefits that you can enjoy thanks to the saunas of INBECA Wellness Equipment.

A true ocean of sensations

In addition, the PARIS Line offers an optional water cascade module that offers a very suitable level of relaxation thanks to the natural sound of free-falling water.

The ambient light of the sauna, white and indirect, located on the back of the back wall, can be combined with LED-RGB chromotherapy on the ceiling. INBECA combines the benefits of sauna with the benefits of chromotherapy.













InBECA’s Finnish sauna PARIS can be installed in both public projects and private homes, thanks to its versatility of size, since it can be installed in smaller spaces or in large spaces.

INBECA’s Finnish sauna PARIS is designed and built according to the strictest quality criteria in the selection of materials, equipment, generation equipment and climate control, providing maximum reliability and functionality, maximizing the therapeutic benefits of it.