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  -  Architecture   -  Ecus ICON, a design catalogue for an exclusive collection

Ecus rest systems specialist surprises us with his new collection ICON , a exclusive author’s catalogue armchairs and sofas created by renowned designers such as Tomás Alía, Carmen Barasona, Calamita Valderas, Moneo Brock, Requena and Plaza, Teresa Sapey.

We understand icons as beautiful and unique valuable objects. Its lightness and simplicity guarantee a long durability that is provided to equip both contract and private spaces integrating naturally in all kinds of living rooms, common space, transit and bedrooms.

The philosophy of Ecus is to manufacture functionally comfortable parts with ICON it proposes to transmit a well-being, betting on creativity and reliability. To do this, the firm places in the hand of designers a very special order: a design that articulates the relationship that is established between the architectural space and the personal well-being.

Sonia D by Moneo Brock

The Sonia D sofa is a compact, small-scale piece with clear lines, elegant curves and rich colours. It looks like a single piece, like it came out of a mold, but it’s actually assembled entirely by hand through a semi-industrial craftsmanship process.

Morgan by Calamita Valderas

Morgan is adaptable to different environments: classic, modern, Nordic… and to different spaces. Front or back, the design is friendly and well proportioned. Morgan is a complete family of armchair, pouf, sofa and sofa bed. Expandable, versatile, adaptable to any hotel room.

Carmela by Carmen Barasona

Carmela is a complete collection inspired by public transport seats during the 1960s, a mix of polyhedic lines and wraparound shapes. Important also the versatility of colors and textures of the time, which have been a great inspiration when choosing the upholstery.

Alía by Tomás Alía

Inspired by the geometry and debugging of elements. The coexistence of the straight lines with the chromatism of the element endows it with strength and volume. This sofa is designed to become a bed with a very discreet and functional opening system giving the aesthetic part all the prominence.

19315 by Requena and Plaza

The inspiration comes from the search for a timeless product and adaptable to different aesthetics. Basic geometric shapes such as the cube have been used, with a serene staging. It is a chameleon piece, with a great ease of integration.

Zaniah by Teresa Sapey

From the beginning we were clear about the needs currently being experienced in large cities, where space is reduced but it is required to maintain design, quality and functionality.

Vega by Teresa Sapey

Inspired by the meadows of the Spanish landscape, as its name suggests, the Vega armchair has to do with lines and smooth curves. Tradition is another source of inspiration, such as the U-shaped seat that is a clear nod to medieval Castilian chairs.

Mulyrae by Teresa Sapey

Comfort and design go hand in hand. Polyhedic shapes and their chromatic contrast make Mulyrae a unique sofa bed.

The result of the proposal Ecus it is an exclusive catalog that brings together designs with a lot of character. Creative minds with different design visions make it ICON it is a complete catalogue, suitable for contract projects of different styles and characteristics, because ICON includes designs of differentiated aesthetics that fit perfectly into different types of projects.

The selection of consolidated designers in the architectural environment has been key. Alía, Barasona, Calamita Valderas, Moneo Brock, Requena and Plaza and Sapei, have been responsible for a refined work. The commission: a design that articulates relaxation the relationship that is established between the architectural space and the personal well-being.

After reviewing the exciting catalogue of ICON , all we have left is to let these wonderful pieces of enveloping shapes take us into their world of rest, quality and well-being.