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Pujol Lighting,with more than 30 years of experience in the manufacture of luminaires, not only has a wide range of luminaires in its general catalogue, but also offers a service of design and manufacture of adapted custom lamps through its Special Projects Department.

Shape your ideas

The main objective of Pujol Lighting is to find solutions to the demands of each space, creating ideal luminaires for both indoorand and outdooruse, whether technical or decorative. The client will be able to define the forms and materials that he/she needs and the firm will take care of making it happen, assisting and advising him in each part of the design process.

Pujol Lighting’s long history in the field of CONTRACT allows them to create special pieces that meet the needs of manufacturers (lighting, furniture, bathroom accessories, etc.), distributors (national or hotel projects, whether large or small.

In order to provide the best results, the Technical Department of the firm works closely and constantly with the client’s team, thus achieving the common goal of meeting all their needs and solving the problems that are required solve for optimal space illumination.

Pujol Lighting has the most advanced technology and machinery, which enables it for the custom manufacture of all kinds of luminaires and accessories, making possible what seems impossible, and both for short series and for large runs.

In short, if you need a custom option so that your space reaches perfection with the ideal luminaires, Pujol Lighting custom lamps are the solution.

About Pujol Lighting

Founded in 1978, it has managed to be one of the leading manufacturers in the lighting sector for the design and quality of its products, and for the excellent relationship with its customers and its clear international vocation. Pujol lighting has a wide range of distribution of its luminaires and exports 50 of its production in the 5 continents.

Pujol Lighting has a general catalog with which more than 2,000 customers work in nearly 40 countries worldwide: shops specialized in lighting, furniture and decoration, engineering and warehouses of electrical equipment.