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  -  Architecture   -  The Barasona Design and Communication team visited Design week in Mexico City.

This October, we have had the pleasure of being able to move to Mexico to visit the Design House 2022, which is held from October 14 to November 13, 2022. This project is within the Design week. For the fourteenth time, Design House 2022 It opens in the month of design, as a showcase where the most innovative creative proposals are presented in a collaborative space between architects, interior designers and landscapers, who assume the challenge of reinventing a space under the theme of “The new Mexican house”, with the aim of supporting and strengthening design at local, national and international levels. In a functional and aesthetic dialogue, Design House sets the tone for artisanal, risky and unexpected interior design.

Among the different spaces, we highlight The Book of Wa + Rebeca Cors, which with its Monte Análogo seeks to blur the boundaries between the formal and the abstract, between the utilitarian and the scenic. Unite Heaven with Earth. It is a dining room transformed into a sculptural landscape. The pieces that commonly make up the dining room acquire a ceremonial dimension, and also new possibilities and playful uses. This narrative, dramatic and natural atmosphere is achieved through monumental works of art, stony and ambiguous furniture, crystalline luminaries and preserved nature.