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  -  Architecture   -  Ramon Soler’s exclusive collection of Urban Chic faucets® surrenders to colour finishes
Urban Chic, the award-winning collection of faucets with the iF Design Award, makes us fall in love with its design and its incredible cascade with the innovative patented Tourbillon system. Now it captivates us in the latest avant-garde finishes: brushed gold, chrome, brushed nickel and matt black.

The Urban Chic faucet collection has been created and patented by Ramon Soler®.

The beauty of its lines, its way of offering us the cascading water, as if it were a clear, silent and friendly water spring, make the collection a unique and exceptional product.

The effort, work and sacrifice put by Ramon Soler® in this collection, is reflected in his iF Design Award. The international award, recognized as a seal of excellence in design, was not indifferent to its daring aesthetics, while elegant: combining curves, straights and unexpected angles; and much less its Toubillon system for its beautiful exit from the cascading water. A unique and exceptional water circuit that controls the force and tension of the water, to deliver it tame in the form of a waterfall.

This collection had almost everything to be perfect, and now it has it. It is presented in the latest finishes in trend – matt black, brushed nickel and brushed gold and its eternal chrome finish –, which will bring the most current aesthetics to a faucet of impeccable nature.

On the one hand, you could not miss the brushed goldfinish, of pure sophistication that, combined with sinks or bathtubs with simple lines, manages to create a bright, elegant and stylish set. Brushed nickel, a finish that defines its timeless beauty and artisanal look. Finally,

the firm

has not neglected the color of immaculate elegance: matte black,trends in architecture and interior design focus again on the color black, which never goes out of style and is now an indispensable in the faucets of the most current bathrooms.

Foto: Monomando de caño alto de lavabo, acabado negro mate, de la colección Urban Chic de Ramon Soler®

This range of brushed gold and nickel finishes is possible thanks to the revolutionary PVD (physical vapour deposition) technique that allows to create different colorations with a metal coating, providing resistance and durability.

For the matt black finish, a sophisticated electrostatic bath is made on galvanized that gives it a durability in the salt spray test 10 times higher than chrome plating.

The guarantee of maximum quality is an essential condition for Ramon Soler®. These new finishes, together with chrome plating, combine the best aesthetics, along with the best quality and technology.

Last but not least, it should be noted that the Urban Chic collection, is a very complete collection, which not only offers the sink faucets in the latest finishes, but also takes care of every last detail and offers in the same finishes even the quick clack valves, the siphons, and of course also, other types of faucets such as: shower columns, foot taps for sink and bathtub, built-in sink and shower, and taps for bidet.

Foto: Columna de pie para bañera monomando, acabado oro cepillado, de la colección Urban Chic de Ramon Soler®