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  -  Architecture   -  MAGMA by Ramon Soler, a market-leading taps

Magma is an absolutely attractive collection of taps, for an increasingly demanding market. Currently the market retains products that, in addition to being economical, have style and that are backed by leading brands such as Ramon Soler.

Magma by Ramon Soler is a contemporary taps, with a careful design to the last detail in which comfort and technology go together with beauty and elegance.

The new monocommand of Ramon Soler is a very thought ful thought out taps: Magma enjoys the maximum performance and is subject to the highest standards of quality and innovation that Ramon Soler offers.

DESIGN: Magma is part of a slightly minimalist design. This simple line design feature provides great adaptability to any bathroom environment.

TECHNOLOGY: It has the Thermostop block and Ecostop water saving anti-burn system.

  • Termostop Block: Ramon Soler’s patented system that avoids the risk of burns as well as high consumption of hot water.
  • Ecostop: Ramon soler’s single controls have a patented dual flow position system. The user when operating the lever to open the faucet, notices a resistance at one point of the route, and this point saves 50 flow. The user can overcome this limitation by opening the faucet to its maximum flow if desired.

UNBEATABLE QUALITY RELATIONSHIP – PRICE: In addition Magma is revolutionary, because being a tap shop with a lot of design and quality, it has a very adjusted price, which makes it an undisputed leader.

Magma by design, quality, technology and a more than adjusted price becomes the taps that the new times ask for.

Manufacturer: Ramon Soler Industries

Model: MAGMA

Design:Own Team

Finish: Chrome

Price: Monocommand Lavabo Ref. 6801 PVP…… 38’00o (vat apart)

Price: Single Command Bathroom-Shower Ref. 6805 “S” PVP…… from 58’00 euros (vat aside)