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  -  Events   -  Great success of ‘See you in Valencia 2014’

Cevisama, Feria Hábitat Valencia, Fimma and Maderalia, the four contests that have been held this week together under the initiative ‘We see you in Valencia 2014’ and that have exceeded expectations with a high level of business, a strong component and a prominent influx of buyers. The sensations among the exhibitors are very positive.

Optimism returns to Habitat

For its part, Feria Hábitat Valencia closes its edition of the 50th anniversary with optimism and confidence in the future. The configuration of the event as a selection of ‘premium’ brands strongly geared towards internationalization and ‘contract’ segment (comprehensive equipment for communities) and the synergies generated with Cevisama and Fimma Maderalia have been the keys to an edition rated by many exhibitors as the “best” of the last calls.

According to various exhibitors “have moved to visit the fair buyers of great purchasing power from North Africa, Russia and Latin America, especially”. “Many architects have traveled to Valencia to prescribe building materials but have also taken good note to prescribe interior elements. In a single trip they do practically all the work of the project, and that’s very interesting.”

The contest has lived four days with a constant influx of buyers and professionals.

Outstanding international presence in Cevisama

For their part, in the ceramic event, the exhibitors argue that the influx of international professionals has been massive, far superior to the previous calls, but some also underline that business is beginning to be done in the domestic market and hope that this edition will mark the cycle change.

Another constant in the evaluations made this year by exhibitors is the large number of prescribers linked to interior design and the large projects that Cevisamahas visited. The notable influx of interior designers to Cevisamais confirmed, and it is due to the coincidence with the Habitat fair

Market recovery for Fimma – Maderalia

Meanwhile, the large influx of both domestic and international buyers has also been the greatest value to which both Fimma and Maderalia exhibitors have referred when taking stock of this 36th edition of the samples, specialized in the supplier industry in the wood-furniture sector.

Broadly speaking, they have referred to the new formula of simultaneously celebrating Fimma-Maderalia, Cevisama and Habitat Valencia as a successful bet, allowing to share customers and make available to all participants the new trends that mark the current situation within each of the sectors represented in the contests.

Combining the offer of the four fairs is undoubtedly the ideal system to save a crisis situation like the current one.

Both the exhibitors of Fimma and Maderalia have talked about business, and the closing of orders during the course of the salons.