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  -  Architecture   -  The HABITISSIMO channel visits Industrias Ramon Soler®

The HABITISSIMOchannel visits Industrias Ramon Soler® to address the important issue of water saving with the Habitissimochannel.

The ambassador of Habitissimo,Carmen Barasona, visitsIndustrias Ramon Soler®,located in Barcelona for being a reference in the manufacture of taps of design and quality.

The taps Ramon Soler® they are a reference in water saving, because they have a system built into their taps: Ecoplus System. The monocommands of
Ramon Soler® they have a patented dual flow position system. The user when raising the lever to open the water, notices a resistance to the 50 flow (without losing comfort).

Monocontrollers are also particularly important at a very competitive price and with built-in water-saving systems.

In the video advice you can enjoy a fun and dynamic way of a topic as relevant as the saving of natural resources and sustainability.

You can also see new collections of taps with a lot of design and that also save water.

There’s water with Ramon Soler ecostop monocommands®