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Nordic and exclusive

Milan Lighting’s TAGOMAGO design is inspired by the style of the cherished Nordic culture: its clean lines seek the serenity and beauty of the characteristic minimalist essence of the Nordic countries.

TAGOMAGO is a series of hanging luminaires and appliques for both indoorand and outdoor use. MILAN Lighting Think of all kinds of projects and makes this series ideal for environments that share indoor and outdoor spaces, such as restaurants and hotels, or houses where you want to enjoy good design. Performing lighting projects with a luminaire that not only emits an efficient light, but also fills both interior and exterior style and design with style and design is possible with TAGOMAGO.

MILAN Lighting,true to its unique character when designing, manufactures TAGOMAGO in three different finishes: marengo grey with gilded interior, copper lacquered and textured white lacquer. Three finishes in undisputed trend that can be combined with each other with very attractive results.

In addition, TAGOMAGO is available in 2 dimensions with diameters of 225 and 365 mm, a feature that allows us to create unique compositions combining luminaires of different sizes and different shades, thanks to its varied offer of finishes.

MILAN Lighting,an industry leader with parts to illuminate with quality and good design, think sits on all the details and takes care of each of the elements that make up its luminaires. At TAGOMAGO It should be noted that in the 365 mm diameter model the upper body is injected polycarbonate and the lower screen of acid-satin blown glass, two materials that for their characteristics and thanks to the power of the lamp allow both the body lower as the top of the luminaire emit light. While 225mm diameter TAGOMAGO is made up of the white lacquered steel upper body and the bottom screen in acid-satin blown glass, thus differentiating itself from the larger TAGOMAGO, offering light only from your body Lower.

At the technical level, the 365 mm diameter TAGOMAGO model has an E27 lamp holder for 12 W Led lamp and 1,100 lumens of light performance. While the 225 mm diameter TAGOMAGO has an E14 lamp holder with 5 W Led lamp and 462 lumens of light performance.

MILAN Lighting is design, quality and innovation, three great values that it incorporates in its pieces. With TAGOMAGO it makes a luminaire an object of desire, because its exclusivity in design, finish and functionality is the perfection of good taste.


Manufacturer: MILAN Lighting

Diseñador:Jordi Jané


Finishes: Marengo grey with gold interior, copper lacquered and textured white lacquer.

Technical features

Measurements:TAGOMAGO 365mm and TAGOMAGO 225mm


E27 lamp holder

12W LED lamp

1,100 lumens


E14 lamp holder

5W LED lamp

462 lumens

Price: from 195 euros (VAT included)