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  -  News   -  DO by Fontini

A good interior project has to look at each of the details that will make it a safe success.

When it comes to the lighting project, the choice of lamps is essential, as much as the electrical mechanisms chosen, something that will make a difference without a doubt.

In Barasona Design and Communication we bet on the best brands, such as Fontini,which offers unique and exclusive electrical mechanisms with its new DO collection.

The new collection DO is a reinterpretation of the electric porcelain mechanism with a rotating function so characteristic of Fontini. DO presents a very refined and minimalist line and there are two versions: for surface or recessed installation. DO is made of white porcelain and can be combined with three hand finishes and decorative screws, chromed, dark nickel and copper and with two different types of wooden bases: walnut, have natural and darkened.

DO is made of porcelain because it is one of the most delicate aesthetic materials that we can find. Porcelain is a highly appreciated material and the good quality of porcelain is a very important factor. Aware of this, Font Barcelona has a factory that produces its own porcelain and its electrical mechanisms are manufactured. In this way Font Barcelona guarantees total control in the process of creating its pieces, and above all, the quality of its porcelain.

Pure forms and noble materials. Porcelain, wood and metal, a combination of elements in perfect harmony that make this mechanism an elegant and avant-garde piece.